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Team Z Motorsports New Street Beast K-Member!

April 03, 2013 by Chad Houghton


Team Z Motorsports has stepped into the street scene with their all new K-member.  Marketed under their new Street Beastbrand, the new K-member is suitable for Street, Autocross, as well as Road Racing applications.  Few know that the very first chassis Dave Zimmerman (owner of Team Z Motorsports) built, was for the Phoenix 500 pace car many years ago.  That car was his ticket to a job at Proto Fab(a division of Roush), building road race cars.  With that kinda of background, and with the help from some Ford Racing engineers, who's prime interests were road racing.  Team Z Motorsports has created a stronger version of their race proven Drag Racing K-member.  In this article we will take a closer look and compare the two K-members from Team Z.  For illustrative purposes, we have the Drag race parts on the left with the Street Beast parts on the right.

Large Photos of the Street Beast K-member: (Click here)

Appearance wise they look the same.  The road race k-member is constructed with a larger 120 wall, Chrome Moly tubing.  It should be noted that the same tig welding process used on the Drag race K-member is also used on the Street Beast, giving a cleaner and stronger weld. The motor mounts have gussets to add more support .  There is also a gusset that crosses between the two A-arm mounting points to keep from flexing.  The A-arm mounts are 1/4 inch laser cut tabs.

One of the issues people have when lowering their street, road race or autocross car, is bump steer.  Realizing this, Team Z has reconfigured the steering geometry and moved the steering rack up an inch to correct this problem.

Once again a larger diameter tubing was used which means a lot higher yield strength for the A-arms.  It should be noted that the A-arms are constructed fully of Chrome Moly material.  If that wasn't enough Dave added the extra gusset where the bend is to keep from possible flexing under high G turns.  You will notice that the sway bar links have much larger gussets as well. 

Strength test: Though Team Z Street Beast K-members and A-arms are new to the market and have not been put in a stressful situation.  Their Drag race counter parts have been put to the test and have shown to stand up in a racers worst situation.  A good example is one incident where a racer hit the wall at 140-150mph on an angle, and the A-arm just folded up. No welds fractured or broke, the Chrome Moly didn't even tear or rip.  The Heims Joints are Chrome Moly and have a 36000 pound load rating.  Concluding that the A-arm construction is overkill is an under statement, which makes a desirable product.

Conclusion: Team Z Motorsports seems to be making all the right turns when it comes to their product line.  At first they were on the straight and narrow with their drag racing components and have now come full circle with their autocross/road racing parts.  Pun intended!


Link to Street Beast K-Member kit: (Click here)


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