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Product Reviews

Torqued Tools New Dzus Driver!

January 16, 2012 by Chad Houghton



This dzus tool is so simple yet so effective!  You think to yourself why hasn't someone thought of it before.  Outlaw 10.5 racer Jason Enos is the creater of this tool and the driving force behind Torqued tools.  Their first product is this dzus tool and what makes this tool so unique is the patent pending spring loaded guard.  How it works:  There are two issues people have when tighting a dzus connector.  One is your always worried about slipping off and scratching the paint.  Two is difficulty lining up and twisting down.  This tool addresses both of these problems.  With the spring loaded guard, if you slip off the spring quickly snaps the guard back over the driver part so you don't scratch the paint.  The second part of this tool is the screw driver size handle with a short shaft which makes it easier to put more elbow grease into it.   Also the clear plastic T handle on the guard you can hold onto help give you leverage when twisting down those hard to lock in dzus connectors.  I have used this tool on a couple of different cars and it works flawlessly.  It's a well built, well designed piece that I can see everyone buying or leaving you with the question, where can I get one!

Don't just take our word for it, I showed it to a couple of racers and let them try it, this is there  thoughts...

10.5 Outlaw Racer Jim Brown: I see the benefit of not scratching the paint.  The part where it can lock in the upper position is really nice.  I think it could be a good tool for certain applications for sure.

Hank Dingfelder (Crew Member for Jim Brown): I definitely like it!  It seems to be a good thing, save alot of paint jobs and scratches.  Seems to be very user friendly too.  One day using it would be like second nature.

Factory Stock Crew Chief Louis Sylvester Sr.: I think it works very, well.  We definitely worry more about the paint on the car and I think its a great idea!  The contruction of it is nice and looks great.   I like the T handle on it for the really tight fittings.  Question is, where can I buy one!


2X NMRA & NMCA Drag Radial Champ Jason Lee: I think it's a very good, well thought out tool.  I like the spring loaded plastic piece in the front so it won't scratch the paint.  The tool worked efficiently enough where I didn't slip off of anything.  The T handle adds stability to the tool and that's a nice feature.  It allows you to guide it into the dzus fastener a little better and keep control of it, a screw driver doesn't have that.  All in all I'd buy one it's a good tool.

2011 NMRA & NMCA 10.5 Outlaw Champ Mike Murillo: Jason Enos is a team mate of mine.  Jason and Jamie sent one to me.  I have been using it and I like it!  I wish I would have started using it two years ago before I scuffed up all my paint but ya, it's a great tool!  The construction is just top of the line I wouldn't expect anything else from those two guys.

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