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Jacob Lamb tells his story about the NMRA Coyote Stock Class!

February 13, 2013 by Chad Houghton


This is one Lamb not running from the Coyote!

With one full season under it's belt, Coyote Stock is the class to watch.  It is currently the most affordable Heads Up class and the sealed engine requirement has attracted some budget minded index racers, a dream some had never thought possible.  One of those racers is Jacob Lamb.  We chatted with Jacob to get his opinion on switching from an index class to a Heads Up class and how he got started in drag racing.

I have had drag cars all my life but have only been racing competitively for 3 years now.  I tried to build an NMRA Hot Street car around 10-12 years ago, back when they were running 9.50's.  By the time I was done they were going 8.60's and I knew I couldn't compete.  I tried racing that car locally in a 9 inch tire class but once they combined the N/A cars with the power adder cars that were running in the 8's.  Once again I was out, so I sold the car and built a nice street car.

Jacob went on to build a 93 Cobra for the street.  With a Hellion turbo kit and AC, the car was perfect for hot day summer cruises.  Even with his cool little street car Jacob was still hungry to get back on the track.  The next race car he built was for the NMRA Mod Muscle class, showing up with a Fox Body brought a little old school to the new school class.

I went to the races with fellow Mod Muscle racer Richard Robinson.  I looked at the cars in the class and noticed they where all 96 and newer and I wanted something different.  I decided it was going to be a mini tubbed, 4 eyed coupe with a Lincoln Mark 8 4V short block. I used a set of '04 Cobra heads and banged the gears with a Jerico.

In 2010 Jacob would only compete in two races, Nmra's Columbus and Bowling Green events.  For 2011 he raced the whole season , winning the GA race and placing 4th in points.  His 2012 adventures started off with him racing in the Mod Muscle class for the first two events before switching over to Coyote Stock. We asked Jacob why he decided to switch to the Coyote Stock after doing so well in Mod Muscle?

I always wanted to run Heads Up and when the Coyote Stock class came out I thought, it's an affordable class so I think I can compete.  That's the thing, it's not a 30,000 dollar engine class.  For $15,000 you can have yourself a pretty nice car, so I figure for the money it was a better option for Heads Up racing.  I still bracket race the car locally and won the USCR race last year.  It's a bracket style class for manual transmissions.

Being on both sided of the coin, Jacob explains to us why he prefers to race Heads Up.

It's the competitiveness of the Heads Up.  Bracket racing is fun but Heads Up racing, it's an adrenaline rush.  You both leave at the same time on a Pro Tree, with most of the cars being stick shift, it's the closest I'll ever get to NHRA Pro Stock.  That's what I compare it to

Jacob's love for the Pro Stock class shines through like a boyhood dream. Racing in the affordable Coyote Stock racing program is more sustainable then the big money NHRA class. We asked Jacob what has been his biggest challenge jumping into Heads Up.

It's all a challenge because you try and get every bit out of the car.  The sealed engine itself, is maintenance free and the car is even cool by the time you get back to the pits.  Unless the track conditions change dramatically you don't change anything on the suspension, I don't anyways.

Because Jacob runs in a class with a real cap on Horse Power he relies heavily on a working  chassis to beat the guy in the other lane.  Up front except for the UPR K-member,  the Caster camber plates, spindles, struts and arms are all Anthony Jones.  Out back, once again Anthony Jone's upper and lower control arms were used along with his anti-roll bar.  Topping the cake is Strange adjustable shocks with a very surprising stock GT springs.  The cage in the car is a mild steel 12 point kit from Jegs that Jacob and his friend installed.

The decision to switch to Coyote Stock was made just after the NMRA GA race leaving only 6 weeks to get the car ready for the Milan event.  Knowing the car was mini tubbed we asked the loaded question, how did you get the car ready in time?

I have a disciplined spending budget on this car. All work is performed by friends and myself.  I ordered the engine right after the GA race and we went to work welding up in the stock spring perches as well as the wheel wells.  The stock wheel wells are welded inside the mini tubbes and we had to build a wider rear end and that was pretty much it.

With such a short time span getting it ready for Milan there would be no time for testing.  In reality the only time the car was fired was to load it into the trailer and unload it at Milan Dragway.  We asked Jacob to enlighten us on that whole experience.

We got everything buttoned up the night before the race that's how close we were.  I was excited to go Heads Up racing and the first pass down the track was pretty cool.  Eventhough we were a little off the pace in the beginning we finished up the year with a 10.78@123mph in Bowling Green.

Jacob is quite happy with his overall performance last year and his only real plan for this upcoming season is to switch the Tremec for a T5, in hopes the car will pick up a little bit.  When asked if he had any advice for racers thinking about getting their feet wet in Heads Up racing this what he had to say.

I think the Coyote Stock class is the way to go.  You can pick up a decent roller for 5-6 grand and then buy the engine and transmission.  If your starting from scratch you will have 20-25 grand into it.  Where else can you get a car for any other heads up class for that kinda money?  I think dollar for dollar you can't beat it!

For a better look at Jacob's car: (Click Here)

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