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Chris Lancaster's 66 Coupe is the Pinnacle of Mod Muscle!

January 06, 2013 by Chad Houghton


When you think of an NMRA True Street car, visions of a full on built fox body come to mind.  Maybe your an SN95 guy and think a modded up 03-04 Cobra would do the job.  If your into the new school generation then of course, a twin turbo 2011-13 should get the job done.  When it came time for Chris Lancaster from Bonaire, GA to build a car he thought outside of the box.

What started out as a $600 dollar pile of rust, once Chris was done cutting out all the cancer was barely a shell.  "The body is all Taiwan Mustang, everything on it has been replaced but the roof and the rocker panels.  It was a complete rust bucket!  I mean the floors, fenders, doors, quarters, front taillight section, you name it it was cut out" Chris adds.  Once he got the body straight the car was sent out to get a 25.5 chassis cert chrome moly cage installed.  Chris then picked it up and went back to work.  The suspension under the car has some good and some bad you might say.  I'll explain!, In order to fit the mod motor Chris had to remove the shock towers and install Mustang II front suspension.  Now on a street rod or a cruiser that wouldn't be so bad, but trying to go 175MPH on those little 10 inch coil overs is something you don't really want to try!  "I don't think I'll race any more 1/4 mile with his car.  The 175-176MPH, I mean the front end just feels like it's hovering telling me the front suspension was not made for that kinda speed", says Chris.  To say the rear suspension adequate would be an understatement. A Chris Alston's Chassisworks bolt in four link kit that works like a stock four link on a Fox Body Mustang is what helps to get this pony up on the tire and lets it eat.

The one thing I know you guys can't keep your eyes off is the size of the motor and the big honking turbo starring back at you on the screen.  To start, the motor is a 5.4L GT Super car motor with a billet crank, alum rods, ported heads and custom cams, built by Mark over at Panhandler Performance.  In the transmission tunnel lies a turbo 400 and out back is a Fab 9 rear end and the wheels of choice are a set of Hole Shot Wheels wrapped in a set of Mickey Thompson drag radials.  The last piece of the puzzle is the 80mm Precision turbo, size wise is something Chris is not impressed with.  "The car had a 4.6L in it through the NMRA series and when we went to a different series to run Ultra Street we had to down size the turbo from an 88mm to the 80mm which doesn't make anywhere near the power and it's a cast wheel instead of a billet wheel.  We are now only making 20 pounds of boost compared to 28-30 with the 88mm, that's why we went and built the 5.4L so we could get a few more cubic inch" Chris explains.  The car's best time with the 4.6L was 8.02 175 mph in the 1/4 mile, with the new series only running 1/8th mile as to appose to 1/4 mile, Chris was more concerned about making more steam out of the hole which it did on it's first time out.  Where the old set up left off the new 5.4L has already run 5.24 138mph to the 1/8th with plenty of power still to ramp in.


The car has come full circle for Chris with the new combo working and the chassis hooking so well, that the car is hooking to good!  It's kinda bad to say but even on the old Mickey Thompson's we were having wheel stand problems,  where the rear end was twisting so bad and we noticed the tire was rubbing on the back of the driver side rear quarter". when Chris and his friends got back to the house they made a quick jig and forced the rear end back in place then welded a few chrome moly bars tying the bolt in 4 link setup to the rest of the cage.  With the new Mickey Thompson's under the car the guys are still playing with the instant center and should have the car dialed in soon.  Most race cars this nice don't get a chance to go cruisin around, but Chris's does!  Not only a race car but this car see's regular driving duties to local car shows and cruise nights.  In fact it rained for 3 days before Chris left for his first NMRA event and so they had to tune the car in the rain.

Most race cars this nice don't get a chance to go cruisin around, but Chris's does!

For more photos of Chris's car (Click Here)!
"I was in traffic for 45 minutes and it only said 172 on the temp gauge, that's as hot as it would get with the 4.6L but the 5.4 seems to be running colder for some reason same cooling system but I guess the block dissipates the heat better". Chris reckons.  Not only does the car not overheat but gets good gas millage to boot!  With an 8 gallon tank the car was able to do the NMRA 30 mile cruise, three back to back passes and still have half a tank left!  Chris is having a blast driving and racing the car but he did point out that once he is done with the Ultra Street class the plans are to strap a 92-94mm turbo and let her loose, just for fun!  And if that's what Chris calls fun in a beautifully built coupe like this, I'm calling shot gun!