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"The Joker" is Running Wild in Factory Stock!

May 24, 2012 by Chad Houghton



The striking car before your eyes is driven by the NMRA Factory Stock legend himself Carlos Sobrino who hails from Fairview NJ.

With 12 years of experience in Factory Stock and this being the 5th car he has run in the class, Carlos has brought new for his fans to cheer about and has named his new ride "The Joker".  Though this is a new car to Carlos the car has a rich history of drag racing action.  Originally built by Tim Lyons who raced it in Renegade, it was then sold to Rob Corujo who raced it in Drag Radial.  Last year Carlos picked the Roller up for a song and had it sitting in the back of his shop.  Half way through the 2011 season Carlos crawled under his famous Florida trooper car and noticed the torque boxes where ripped out of it.  What to do was simple!

Carlos took all the parts off the FL coupe and stuck them on the drag radial car.  Carlos also points out that it is a 8.50 certified chassis built by Barry Luyster.  The way it sat with a white body, black doors,hood, and hatch it very much resembled a cow.  "Got Milk"?  Over the winter after winning his first championship in Factory Stock Carlos wanted to do something different with the car.  After watching a commercial for a brand x car with a similar design Carlos thought it was cool and it deserved to be on a faster car so he made a call to Micheal's Signs in West New York NJ and had it all done in one day.  With the strict rules in the NMRA Factory Stock class Carlos is making do with what he is allowed and with the kind of times this car is running the short list should shock you.
The power plant is designed and assembled by BMRE.  They started with an SVO R block that uses a stock crank.  Molley pistons are attached to a set of stock rods to make up the bottom end.  BMRE designed the camshaft and the heads of choice are GT40P's non ported as per class rules.  As far as the push rods and lifters they are OEM as well.  The Cobra upper and lower is the only intake you can use and Carlos uses a 70mm throttle body.  Fuel is supplied by an Aeromotive fuel pump flowing into the stock fuel rails connected to 24 pound injectors.  The complete exhaust starts with Flowtech long tubes that has a custom "Advanced" Auto Repair H pipe, SLP Mufflers and SLP custom tail pipes.  There are two critical components to a Factory Stock car.  One being the clutch. Carlos stands behind his Fidanza clutch and flywheel and brags when he smokes the clutch off the line all he had to do is let it cool down and it's ready for the next round.

The second crucial component is the Transmission and having one built to last round after round gear change after gear change is a must.  Carlos had Hanlon Motorsports build his T5 and he beats on it like it owes him money.  Outback is a 8.8 with Strange 31 spline axles, Detroit true track, 410 gears and to make sure a broken axle doesn't walk out on him Strange c clip eliminators were added.  Carlos and Team Z Motorsports teamed up this year and Carlos is now running Dave's upper and lower control arms.  The shocks and struts are QA1 all around.  The class does not allow an aftermarket K member or A arms so finishing off the front suspension is a set of Strange front breaks with stock drums on the back.  The rims of choice are a set of Hole Shot Wheels "Revolvers" wrapped in BFG's.

To date at the NMRA the car has gone a best of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  But that was at a heavy 3085 pounds (the NMRA required weight).  In non NMRA trim weighting in at 2760 and running slicks, the car has been as fast as 10.34 and backed up with a 10.36.  That's moving for a car with stock explorer heads and a stock 93 Cobra intake!

Carlos debuted his wrap at the NMRA Season opener in Bradenton FL and had mixed reviews.  "So far 90% like it or lie about liking it and 10% thinks it ridiculous.  Every kid I've seen, the car puts a smile on their face.  They like it, they want to take a picture with it.  You know what?   If the kids like it I like it that's all that matters!" Carlos says.  Carlos is well on his way with a winning combo and a new look taking great photos in the winner circle.  When I asked is there anything you would like to add he said "No cuss words"

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