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Jim Brown Drops the "F"(3) Bomb in NMRA Pro Outlaw 10.5!

December 09, 2011 by Chad Houghton


After playing hooky all season, Jim Brown showed up to the NMRA finals in Bowling Green with a new Rage Wrap on his car.  As I drove by his pits I noticed his hood scoop was missing and a big ass round hole was sticking smack dab in the middle of his front clip.  I pulled over jumped out of the truck and ran to the front of his car to see a F3 Procharger sticking out front.  I must say I don't know what was bigger the F3 or Jim's smile.  When it was time for Jim to make his debut hit I was at the line with camera in hand waiting for the maiden voyage.  The car sounded healthy as Jim did his burnout.  As he staged the car I readied myself with my camera.  The lights came down, Jim lets go of his button as I click mine and the car makes the loadest screaming noice as it goes by me it knocks my hat off and blows me right off my feet!  After getting up,stunned, I realized all the center ad signs between the the starter and the tree had blown over into the left lane, leaving me and everyone else thinking WTF! 

Jim has been racing this car for over 5 years now.  Bought as a roller off the popular website   Jim started out with a killer small block nitrous combo then moved up to a big block nitrous setup.  With the times that the turbo and supercharger guys were turning Jim's nitrous was not making him giggle anymore.  "I was tired of breaking parts, tired of burning up pistions.  "Unfortunately you can't get a nitrous car light enough, I don't think, to be truly competitive.  For what these guys are running now it's just not going to happen, not reliably," Jim says.  By the end of last season Jim was ready to call it quits but by February Jim was thinking outside the box.  "Instead of trying to spend alot of money to get the car lighter the decision was made to post all the nitrous stuff up for sale.  It sold quick and ProCharger here we come" Jim says with a smile.  " I made a call to ProCharger.  They were interested in getting onboard with a 10.5w car.  No one up to this point had done a big block ProCharger in this class so they were excited and thats how it all started."

 I made a call to ProCharger.  They were interested in getting onboard with a 10.5w car.


For this project Jim had to start over with his drive train.  The only parts from the motor that are from the old combo is the block and the valve covers. "I got John Bennet at Bennet racing to get onboard and he went crazy and we have a pretty nasty 550ci big block in it now"  When it was time to figure out whether to use a gear drive or belt drive Jim did his homework and even though alot of people are using the gear drive Jim thinks he can make more boost and more over all power with the belt. "The gear drive eats up more power and to run with the turbo cars we need every bit of power we can get.  3 or 4 extra pounds of boost is huge for a car like this," Jim says.  To help get all the new hp to the ground Jim sent the chassis to one of the best and well known chassis builders Jerry Bickel.  Jerry builds alot of ADRL cars, his name is well known in the winner circle.  Jim knew that Bickels Race cars was the place to go.  When Jim dropped the car off Jerry noticed the rear wish bone was bent and the decision was made to open up the Jerry Bickel Catalogue and install all of Jerrys ProMod stuff.  With those kinda parts in the rear Jim is confident it can handle all the power they are going to throw at it and lay down some low 60 foots.  After the car was all buttoned up and ready to go Jim and his team loaded up and went testing in prepration for the Bowling Green race. 


"I got John Bennet at Bennet racing to get onboard and he went crazy and we have a pretty nasty 550ci big block in it now" 

Your only as strong as your weakest link and they broke the powerglide twice in 5 passes along with some other issues with it.  Jim knew that the trans was going to be a huge issue and something else had to be figured out.  In the power glides place went a B&J Racing Transmission, very similar to a Lenco Bruno convertor drive the trans has alot more gear choices then a powerglide that just kills the boost on the one two shift .  Wanting to tighten up that and needing something that was going to last, the call was made to B&J Racing Transmissions.  "This trans is easy to work with with super great guys, we called on Monday and they where able to get me a tranmission on Friday, I had it all so I couldn't beat the service" Jim adds. To convert to the new trans the swap was easy, other then some minor adjustments to the drive shaft.  The B&J trans makes it so you can adapt your existing J&W bell housing right to the case.  It just goes right in, "it was slick". 

 The call was made to B&J Racing Transmissions, this trans is easy to work with with super great guys!



 The decision was made to open up the Jerry Bickel Catalogue and install all of Jerrys ProMod stuff.

Now you would think with all these big names in Jim Browns portfolio that he either owns a big corporation, won the lottery or got a large inheritance from a great uncle but in all reality no!  Jim is just one of us, the hard worker who puts in his 8/10 hour days in at his day job as a mechanic and then going home and works out of his own garage and thats what funds this race car.  "I hope people understand that this was not a two week project,  I have to do little things at a time.  Ok well I need a $1000 dollars for this so I work on a bunch of cars and I go buy it and thats how this whole car was built.  I just work work work to buy the next part thats just how I have to do it.  It's a labour of love, if i didnt love it so much I'd be sitting on the couch at night and you can ask my wife I don't sit on the couch ever.  I'm in the shop working on somebodies car.  It's funny how people get offended when you tell them well I'm going to be out of town this weekend, I'm going racing and there like my cars broke.  Well I'm sorry the reason I work on your car is so I can go race when I want to go race so thats kind of a struggle sometimes. I got some people a little upset with me right now because their car has been at my house for a week and I have been out of town all week but thats just the way it is", says Jim 

Because of weather and time Jim was unable to test his car at the local track, knowing that the weather, air and track conditons are always good in Bowling Green Jim loaded up the car and the family and headed to Bowling Green for the NMRA world Finals.  Untested Jim's car showed great potential in his first outing and Jim plans on running the whole 2012 NMRA season.  Jim was quick to note all the people who helped him out "Tim Bradham at TBC for building an awesome chassis, Marc Beilman at Beilman Fabrication for continued support on the chassis upgrades, Mickey Thompson tires, Ryan Micke at Micks Performance for tuning this beast and his engine management sytem, Hank, Clif, and Jacob for taking time away from their families to help me at the track, Lenny at Ultimate Converter Concepts, and a BIG THANKS to Procharger", said Jim.  The last question I asked Jim was, can we expect big things next year?  His one word answer sums up this whole interview... a resounding "Yes"!

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