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  • Kate Williams

    Kate Williams

    Just applied to Graduate.... defence date set for Friday the 13th (December). Look out, world.
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  • Jamie Houghton

    Jamie Houghton

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Hope you have a great Holiday!
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  • Sharlene Coulter

    Sharlene Coulter

    Well Gearhead family ,its raining here hard, not much gonna happen today, Gonna pull the head off the ATV and prep it for the new gaskets, Might have to take ole Silent Bimmer to town,get some groceries, other than that its a Nasty day! Guts are really bugging me lately, Not sure if I was right stopping the meds, Ever since I stopped feelin great , things are going downhill, Ill just wait and see!
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  • Michelle White

    Michelle White

    Wee bit chilly kiddies...
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  • Belinda Moore

    Belinda Moore

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  • Stephanie Heritage-McFeaters

    Stephanie Heritage-McFeaters

    Headed out today to help my Bestie Wanda-Brian Tarquinio...time for Surgery, so keep her in your thoughts today and get her Cancer free <3
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  • Dorothy Mocko

    Dorothy Mocko

    Thank you to those that have served and those that are serving this wonderful country that we call our home. Thank you to the families that have lost loved ones while serving our country. They will always be remembered as heros. God bless all of our heros that keep us safe. God bless the USA!
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  • Christina Oesterwind

    Christina Oesterwind

    Got quite a bit done yesterday. Cleaned out the extra bedrooms in the house and moved some stuff to the basement to get ready for the new carpet that will be coming soon (not for Thanksgiving but it will be in before Christmas). Now today I am trying to get Bill packed for his trip to Boston. Guess when we told work we wanted to be assigned the same shift we didn't specify same state.... It's only for a week but I still don't like to be without him.
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  • Katie Porter

    Katie Porter

    South Florida you need wawa asap
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  • Lindsey Pollard

    Lindsey Pollard

    Dang bumpers my son is beating me at bowling!
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  • Brittaney Allen

    Brittaney Allen

    Do not forget about the car of the month contest! Also, spread the word with your friends/family. :) Cannot wait to see more ride posted.
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  • Nicole Schatten

    Nicole Schatten

    Wow, could there be any more damn stickers in this goody bag?? Sheesh. :/
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  • Bridgett


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  • Jacqueline V

    Jacqueline V

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  • Steph


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  • melissa hall

    melissa hall

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  • Shelby Mangas

    Shelby Mangas

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