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Same Day Coverage

2013 NMRA Bradenton Thursday Sameday Coverage!

March 06, 2013 by Chad Houghton

It's Thursday here at Bradenton Motorsports Park.  The racers are rolling in and getting set up.  We are here catching up with familiar faces and introducing ourselves to some new ones.  Test and tune starts at 1pm and will keep on rolling till 5pm.  For almost all the racers, this will be their first time down the track since last season.  After a long winter looking for more horse power, I'm sure they will not be showing the ace in their deck until tomorrow!

Thursday Photo Coverage:  Click Here!

Tuesday, we posted an audio clip on our Facebook of a turbo car idling then spooling up on the trans brake.  People were speculating but still had no hard evidence of who it was.  By the looks of whats staring back at you, you now know it was, 8 time SSO Champ John Urist.  Many people may not know this, but the Hellion team who have won the last 7 Championships with a ProCharger won their first Championship with a turbo.  Based on the team running what combo they feel the rules favor, "Big Money" Mike King flew to New Mexico to help John fabricate the new headers as well as the hot and cold sides.  The exhaust now comes out both sides of the front fascia.  The motor was not touched and still has the same camshaft as last season.  Pro Torque was called to whip up a turbo convertor and the car now has an MSD Power Grid along with an MSD Boost Controller.

In the Coyote Stock class you are allowed to run a 10 inch rim with 26 or 28 tall tires.  Jacob is trying something different this race by running 8 1/2 inch rims along with a 26 tall tire to see if the car will pick up or not.  Either way we give him credit for thinking outside the box!

Paul Dishroon is one of the new racers competing in Coyote Stock.  His good friend Joe Charles (last years C/S Champ) lent him his spare motor and C4 to show up to this event.  Not only did Joe help his friend out with a drive train but also came to the rescue when Paul blew out not one, but two tires on his way down.  We know who's buying the beer tonight!

Paul wasn't the only racer having tire issues.  Factory Stock racer Louis Sylvester Jr. and his father take the tire blowing trophy home this week when they blew three on the way down.  What should have taken 20 hours to get here turned into a 28 hour ordeal.

Urist was on a clean pass until just after the 1/8 where the car did a little wiggle causing John to click it off.  The crew decided to pull the slicks and tried to get down on 275's which did not fair to much better, this time moving around before the 1/8th.  John's car is definitely making steam and from the looks of it, they will need to bring the power in just a little bit slower.

Yes, you are seeing doubles but no, this is not Johns evil twin behind the wheel.  Chip Pikes maybe new to the NMRA but has been racing heads up for 15 years.  Chip bought the car off of John to race in this new Street Outlaw class. Chip adds, seeing John with a turbo now, he will probably still be behind.

Terrance Whalen and his turbo SN95, made a mess of the track when he blew through the convertor and got the front pump seal too hot.  The convertor in the car is old enough to vote and a convertor swap was planned for after this pass.

Conrad Scarry along with Randy, Keith Auwarter are in the house this weekend!  The car is not legal for any classes here at the NMRA.  The crew is looking to make some test hits and get the car dialed in.

We ran into Jason Lee and Patrick Barnhill today and though Jason is not racing this weekend it looks like they are enjoying each other's company!  =)

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Same Day Coverage

2013 X-DRL Event Schedule!

February 12, 2013 by Chad Houghton

2013 X-DRL

Event Highlights

2012 Woodward Dream Cruise's Mustang Alley!

November 13, 2012 by Chad Houghton

From August 16-18 the 2012 Mustang Alley was a packed house!  This was the first year we attended this event and to say it was awesome would be an understatement. The event started at 6 in the morning with event cars lined up early to get into the coral and wipe down their beloved Mustangs.

Event Highlights

The 2012 MOCSEM Car Show at Ford Headquarters!

August 17, 2012 by Chad Houghton

The 2012 Mustang Owners Club of Southern Michigan (MOCSEM) had their annual car show at the Ford World Headquarters on August 12th. The Glass House came alive with over 900 cars in attendance along with many vendors filling the midway with people shopping for all of their Ford needs.

Event Highlights

2012 NMRA Milan

August 07, 2012 by Chad Houghton

The NMRA once again (and from what we have heard for the last time) invade Milan Dragway June 15 and 16.  The only two day event on the NMRA circuit the action goes wild as racers fight for the points lead and the money.

Event Highlights

Mustang Week 2012!

July 17, 2012 by Chad Houghton

Tuesday Meet-N-Greet at the Palace Theater.

Mustang Week has officially kicked off and the new place for this years Meet-N-Greet was the Palace Theater.  With more parking than Planet Hollywood the staff thought this would be enough parking to hold the crowd.  Once again more cars showed than expected, forcing some attendees to park on the grass and the back side of the property.  An estimated 700 cars with over 2500 people in attendance the first day of Mustang Week just keeps getting better every year.  The T Shirt booth had a 500 foot line up for most of the 4 hours the show was going on.

For complete photo coverage (click here)

MW staff member Mike Clay addresses the crowd!

The biggest part of the show no doubt was Vaughn Gitten JR who showed up and signed hero cards until the last person was in line.




At this event Vaughn used the opportunity to unveil his new 2013 RTR Mustang and gave the Mustang Week crowd the first look at the new model.  The "Gotta Have It Green" RTR was started and revved up as onlookers from the crowd cheered in excitement.

So many great cars showed up to the Meet-N-Greet.  From stock to heavily Modded we walked around and talked to a few of the drivers.

Daniel Perce from Virginia Beach VA has owned this 03 GT has a 03 Cobra motor swap with 6 on the floor.  A Kenny Bell 2.8 making 17lbs really makes driving to his 5th MW a lot of fun.

Chris Payne has takin this 92 drop top and added a 82GT nose. Over the 6 yrs Chris has owned it he has installed a 347 with a Novi 2000 blow thru making 10lbs of boost.

Paul Nemoga from Jefferson GA started with a 2008 GT and built the trailer out of an 05 rolling chassis.  The car has air lift suspension, Forged Star Wheels.  A supercharged 4.6 with a load of other goodies helps makes about 450HP!

This was a pretty sweet car from Maryland NC.  The 2009 RTC which stands for Roush Touring Car is 1 of 7 made in the Grabber Orange.

Blow By Racing has brought out a 2013 Boss with a set of Hellion Twin Turbos on it.  This is a magazine car.  Look for a future writeup in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords.

Steve McPherson from Chapler NC has owned this 70 Boss since 91.  Steve has a done a full restoration on this car and has been coming to Mustang week since 2007.

Late Model Restoration brought two cars to the show.  This is their project 2013 car that has a 2.3 Whipple, that helps make 563 at the wheels.  This is an ongoing project that has a boat load of Ford Racing goodies.

The second car is an RTR packaged car with a custom tune from BBR.  The guys have brought there SCT tuner and are looking to data log their runs on the road course as well at the drag strip this week.

The meet-N-Greet lasted for four hours and this was the site to see.  Cars were coming and going the whole time and then carried over to the strip for some afternoon cruising.

Wednesday Myrtle Beach Speedway, Autocross & Speedway Runs.

The second day of Mustang Week was a blast!  With three events happening today people were coming and going all day.  The morning started out with the Autocross race.  By 10am the infield was packed with cars waiting to bust some moves around the Autocross track.

For complete photo coverage (click here)

The crowd got a birds eye view standing on top of the concession stand. 

This is Mario Borbolla's 4th MW and he came out in his 2006 Saleen for his first run of the day.

Ray Blankenship from brought out the wide body kit he has developed for the Fox body Mustang.  Ray was out testing the shop car on the autocross track.

Bob Selby from Hamilton Ohio brought his son and his son's girlfriend.  This is Bob's first Mustang week and he had a blast as the three drove around the autocross.

Last years winner of the Autocross was 5.0 Mustang and Super Ford magazine editor Steve Turner who drove a new Boss to get it done.  This year Steve drove Vaughn Gitten Jr's personal 2013 RTR.  Vaughn even switched from driver to suspension tuning duties to help dial the in RTR.

Magnuson Supercharger was on hand displaying their products and answering questions.

Blow By Racing was doing a live shop install demonstration.  BBR stage 1 cams as well as under drive pulleys were completed in 1hr and 45min.  Chris Jones then tuned it with SCT software and the car was ready to go!


The last car to go through the autocross course was the yellow coupe from Gateway Classic Mustang.  The announcer said he was going to try and hit every cone on the track.  He wasn't far off as the coupe let it hang and spun out a few times hanging donuts to get the car straight again.  A MW staff Member was riding shot gun and have us a thumbs up approval of the run.

The autocross was fun but what people really come here for is a chance to take their ride on the speedway.  To get the blood pumping Vaughn Gitten Jr. jumped in his race car and blew off a set of tires.  The crowd went nuts as Vaughn drifted a full lap around the speedway and then drifted the car back and forth in front of the grand stands.

For complete photo coverage (click here)

Vaughn roasted the tires until they popped in front of the crowd!

Once again the line up was all the way back around his trailer to get an autograph from Vaughn, staying until the last person was inline!

Andy Vaughn from Indianapolis picks his lane as he comes into turn 3 in his 2003 black Cobra and powers through the corner!

Lee Bond from Bilox Mississippi in his 1969 Mustang named Heleanor for being red with Eleanor wheels.

Jordon Welch from NC in his 98 silver Mustang Gt conv.  Gets on the breaks hard to carve thru turn number in turn 3!

Jason Noise from Myrtle Beach driving his 94 conv. Mustang Gt gets a handle of the track on his second lap!

The burnout contest started at 5pm and brought out people looking to take home the win and the glory from the crowd.  Three cars this year popped their tires and two cars over heated.

The prize for winning the event is a new set of tires.  Though he didn't blow any tires.  This man put on a smoke show for around 5min before bowing out leaving the crowd wanting more!

Thursday Drag Night, Hooters & Coyote Cruise.

Day three of Mustang Week kicked off with a little car show at Hooters.  If you don't feel like heading to the drag strip this is the place to be!  Starting around 1pm this Hooters show is a small Meet-N-Greet for the people who have just showed up for the Friday and Saturday show.  With a large tent set up, it provided enough shade for people to get out of the sun and grab a bite to eat from Hooters.

For complete photo coverage (click here)

Sean Schaffer  from Goldsboro NC is packing a Dart Iron Eagle 363 in his 88 Mustang.  The car used to be a strip car. Sean had decided to bring it back to the street and what better way to show it of than at his first MW!

Sheri Moore from Stantonsburg NC owns this 92 white with hot pink accents. This is her 4th mustang week but the first with her car.  When asked about the A/C she replies " A/C is for sissies but my husband uses his!"

Greg Brown from Pennsylvania is the proud owner of this 99 GT.  The car has some light bolt on mod's. This is his first time at Mustang Week and enjoying  every minute of it.

Hugh Daniel from Whiteville NC brought out his Vapor colour 08 Roush 427R number 763 of 684.  This is his 7th time at MW.

The picture above was taken just before the Blow By Racing and SVT Coyote Cruse got on its way.  Participants meet in the back lot of Hooters for a brief drivers meeting and then lined up single file for their 45 mile cruise.

The drag night was a huge hit amongst the Mustang Week crowd.  More than 75 new cars showed up over last years attendants to take to the 1320 and show what their Mustang was made of.  This is always a great event and gives new drivers a chance to learn how to take the tree, stage and cut a light!  This event is a little faster getting you through the lanes which had people hot lapping their cars around and around again. If you want to get a lot of runs on your car this is the track day you want to attend!

For complete photo coverage (click here)

UPR showed up and had lots of product on display for people to look at and buy.

New from UPR is their line up of covers for the 2011-1013 Mustang.

The crowd came prepared and had equal amount of spectators on both sides watching and cheering on the racers.

Chuck Hicks from Pro-Dyno brought out their 08 Shelby GT500 5.4L with a 4.0 Whipple and on the bottle running a 9.92@135mph.

Rodney Gwin in his 05 Roush is packing a 300cu inch 3V with 67mm twin turbos.  The car had gone 5.20 in the 150mph range in the 1/8th .

Carl Messenger from Competition Auto came out to put on a show with his 2007 GT500.  Still rocking the 3V with a 98mm turbo Carl laid down a 7.659@186.33mph.

You may have heard about the car that hit the wall last year at Mustang week.  Caleb Skinner from Fast Lane Motorsports went for a wild ride when he carried a wheelie out.  The car got out of the grove about 6" on the left side and caught some marbles under the tire.  The car made a hook to the right and into the wall.

A new pair of fenders, hood, nose and a carbon fiber wrap and the car was ready to go.  With a new upgraded turbo this year the track couldn't hold the power Caleb was making as he knocked the tire off just before the 60ft on his first hit of the day.

Friday Mustang Week Car Show

Day four of MW was the car show at Myrtle Beach Mall.  With over 2000 cars and 10000 onlookers the show keeps growing every year.  Some cars were being judged while most just parked and had fun walking around looking at all the other cars.  A big part of the show is the midway.  With lots of vendors on hand it gave a chance for the crowd to really get to see products up close and in hand.

For complete photo coverage (click here)

Barton Industries was show casing their shifters for the 2005 and up, Mustangs.  They even brought two cars so people could get behind the wheel and try them out.

Kooks is a name you can trust in the performance industry.  They had all their Ford headers and exhaust on display and answered questions to all who came by.

Lethal Performance set up a booth selling T shirts and small products.  With a crowd around their tent all day, people could not get enough of their products.

Lethal also had two of their models signing posters.  They brought 1500 of each and the girls were not going to stop until they were all gone.

Late Model Restorations brought not one but two trailers and set up on opposites ends of the show.  The guys with a crew of 10 are no joke!  Working the booths, talking to the showgoers and really connecting with their customers.

At second trailer Late Model was handing out "FREE" T shirts!  They made it easy for the crowd who didn't want to walk the whole show, to have a chance to meet and get to talk to some of the guys.

Greg Patrick from Fairmont West Virginia brought 3 cars to the show having his buddy's drive the other two.  Greg picked up this Orange 04 Cobra just last month.

Randy Shanhols from Virginia DC is the owner of this sweet looking 06 GT.  Randy did a great job adding just the right touches to his Cervini Eleanor C series body kit.


Robert Miller drove 5hrs to the show today and was driving back that night.  This 81 T Top Coupe has a Cobra Motor with a Procharger shoe horned under the hood making the 5hr drive feel like minutes!

CJ Pony Parts brought out their "Got To Have It Street" car.  The company used this car to showcase the products they sell.  This car has been drag raced many times as well as been on the road course.  Open Track is next on their list of do's!

Norman Cummings from Charleston SC is the original owner of this 89 Saleen.  With 78000 miles Norman has changed some of the parts over the years to keep his car up with the times.  He has assured me that all the original parts are at home and safely stored.

Last of the great ones this 71 Mach 1 is owned by Michael Cummings from Oceano Beach NC.  The car is a 429 with Ram Air that got a lot of looks and approval from the crowd

The real highlight of the week comes from our friends over at SVT  With SVTP new found charity program they have been working hard all week selling raffle tickets for St Jude Children Research Hospital.  The prize is this Hot Wheels Raptor that was sent to Dearborn and signed by all the SVT engineers who helped develop the Raptor.  Late Model Restoration, Blow By Racing, Lethal Performance, VMP Tuning all donated a $100 and put their stickers on the truck.

Check Back for full photo coverage within the next couple of weeks along with our closing comments!

Saturday Mustang Week Car Show.

Day 5 of MW is the final day of the show.  The week ended with a relaxing walk around, taking one last look at all the great cars that participated in this years event.  One last day for people to talk to vendors they wouldn't normally see and get those "got to have it" parts for their Mustangs.  This years show again went off like a hitch.  From the beginning of the week to the end the event was filled with action packed excitement during the event as well as after hours.  If you have never been to a Mustang week this event is a MUST on your list to attend.  With so much to do in Myrtle Beach this is the only show and place that has something to do for all ages.  Whether your retired and want to relax and play some golf or you want to take your whole family on a Mustang vacation.  We also can't forget about the night life, the place that never seems to stop Myrtle beach is a destination place for young folks who want to enjoy a night out on the town.  With all that Myrtle Beach has to offer add Mustangs to the equation and you have a perfect destination for your fun in the sun.  Here are our final highlights of the weekend!

For complete photo coverage (click here)

Reon D'Andrea from Classic Design Concepts was showing of their new Shaker system for the 2013.  Also on the car is a new grill that is based off of the GT500 and will fit your standard Gt or V6 2013 Model.  Classic worked with Vaughn in designing the RTR body kit.  With Vaughn's inspiration and wanting a fresh younger looking car this new RTR will definitely have curb appeal.

David Turnball who is the founder of the Great American Pony Drive club made the final stop of their 2013 tour at Mustang week.  David's car is a 64 1/2 produced on the second last day of production.  With over 400,000 miles on the odometer you might think this car is rode hard and put away wet.  The roaster cover has not come off the whole drive to Mustang Week with only getting caught in some light rain when you put the windows up the rain rolls right over you as you drive.

Drew and Chris from Kooks where showing their high quality exhaust and answering questions about their high flow cats that will pass emissions.

Meguiar's brought and sold all of their best products to help keep the cars in the show shining for miles.

The awards started to get handed out at 3pm and ran for over two and a half hours.  After the awards were done the 50/50 draw and door prizes were given out by drawing tickets.

The one big no no among the staff at MW is pulling out of the parking lot and doing a fly by.  Not even the bad boy himself Justin Burcham from JPC Racing has diplomatic immunity.  The story goes that Justin got on it in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear leaving the show Friday night and was told Saturday to not do that again!

Friday Night BBR got an idea to but to do a sticker raid and put "I Love Hooter" stickers in the shape of BBR on the window of Late Model Restorations SUV.

Late Model in true frat boy mentality retaliated with a Late Model Restoration sticker on BBR's trailer.

One cool factor of the event was a 17 year old named Terry Chavis from NC who as you can see won the built 347 short block that was donated by E=HP with all proceeds going to Mustang Week to help keep the show going.  Terry owns an 03 Cobra but that will not stop him and his dad from building a car to drop the motor into.  Hopefully we will see it at next years Mustang Week!

On a final note Ford came out to support MW in a huge way by bringing out two rigs.  The first one is the build your own Mustang trailer that showcased two hot Mustangs and a bunch of computers where you built your own mustang.  After you were done Ford would hand you a free T shirt for your time.

The second trailer was parked by Hooters and this is the same trailer you would see at big racing events.  The trailer is packed full of Fords latest and greatest parts, all put on display for people to walk look touch and ask questions.

Event Highlights

12th Annual Downs Ford Motorsports NMRA Nationals at MIR!

July 01, 2012 by Chad Houghton

The third leg of the 2012 NMRA Series was held at MIR MD.  A track known for one of the best track surfaces in drag racing, this was our first time there and the rumors are true!  The staff at MIR were on fire all weekend prepping the track for every class and shattered records in 4 classes

Same Day Coverage

2012 NMRA MIR Same Day Coverage Saturday!

May 05, 2012 by Chad Houghton

The day has been packed with wheel up excitment but because of the air no real record breaking runs.  Last night both Pro Outlaw racers Mike Murrillo and Tim Essick had problems after the first round qualifier.

Same Day Coverage

2012 NMRA MIR Same Day Coverage Friday!

May 04, 2012 by Chad Houghton

It's Friday and we are at MIR for the NMRA event in Maryland.  Racers are prepping for the first round of qualifying that will start at 7pm.  This is the first time the NMRA has been to the MIR house.  The track is hooking hard with Carlos Sobrino almost putting his Factory Stock car on the bumper in testing.

Event Highlights

The 2012 NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals Highlights!

April 19, 2012 by Chad Houghton

Every year the NMRA and the NMCA come to Commerce, GA to do battle at Atlanta Speedway. This event is one of two combined races throughout the year which mean twice the action and twice the bang for your buck.