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2013 Mustang Week Thursday Meet at Hooters, cruise to Darlington Drag Night!

July 18, 2013 by Chad Houghton


The crowd at hooters is always a hoot (pun intended).  The meet up starts at 12pm till 1:30, then cruise to Darlington Dragway for a night of side by side action from 3pm till 11pm.  For Coyote Mustang owners, Blow By Racing has run their Coyote Cruise presented by for the past three years.

Every year, more cars show up and this year we saw over 45 cars in the line up and the cruise was about an hour long that ended at Dirty Don's Oyster Bar and Grill on the water.

The drag strip is 67 miles away and some opt to just hang out at hooters, eat some wings, grab a cold beer and.... well, what else do you do at Hooters?

This 93 Cobra is owned by Mark Kablub from Jacksonville Florida and this is his first Mustang Week.  Mark bought the Cobra two and a half years ago with a 100,000 miles on the clock.  Immediately the car was put into full restoration mode.  The engine is stroked to 331 cubic inches with Strange Engineering coilovers up front, lowering springs and Stange Shocks in the back.

We are big fans of '04 Cobras and even bigger fans of turbos, so when we found out that Jeremy Haymore from Winston Sail, North Carolina swapped out his blower for a custom 76mm turbo kit Jereny had our full attention.  The car was bought stock and along with the turbo, now has a solid rearend  and makes around 950HP to the rear tires.  Jeremy has run 10.20@140mph with all the street car comforts including A/C.

66 year old Charles Francis has driven his 2005 Mustang from Clayvill Pennsylvania to Mustang Week for the past 7 years.  Bought new, the car has a Whipple supercharger under the hood and is making 480hp.  Charles has banged the gears to a 12.20@119 in the quarter mile.  When we say banging gears we mean this is a clutch car and Charles adds “I might be old but I can still shift gears"!

Robert Sweat Jr. from Long South Carolina has owned this '67 Mustang since 1996.  The body was hand crafted and took about two months to do.  The paint is Ice Pearl Blue with air brushed flames and mural on the hood.  Under the hood is 306 backed by a C4 and 3.73 gears out back.

The Darlington Dragway event is a great opportunity for MW participants to see what their cars and driving skills are made of.  Some would go down the track only once or twice while other where hot lapping.  This caused a few cars to puke their antifreeze overflow bottles, creating some down time.  Whether you were racing or watching everyone was having a blast.

Pam Sidner hails from West Virginia and has brought her 10 month old son along for the ride.  Though he's not allowed to go down the track, I’m sure he's in the stands cheering on mommy as she races to the finish line!

Johnny Ream flies around the streets of Virginia in his P-51 Mustang.   When Roush introduced this car in 2008 he snatched one quick and has left it stock because it's quick enough.  Johnny has been coming to Mustang Week for five years and has raced the dragstrip every year.

Shannon Nublet cruised down to Mustang Week from Atlanta, Georgia in his 2003 Mach 1.  What appears to be stock, the engine is stroked to a 5L, has a set of cams and long tube headers.  A tubular K-member, lowering spring and a 4.10 gear in the rear is just some of the performance mods on this car.  This being Shannon's first Mustang Week he wanted to do the track day on Wednesday but missed the chance.  Today he was taking full advantage of the dragstrip.

Kylie Craig brought a drag car to a drag event in the form of this '91 Mustang!  This being his first Mustang Week he wasn't sure how the car would react on this track.  Though the car has a lot of go fast parts, built engine, full suspension, he could only muster up a 12.50 on this totally unprepped track.  Kylie thinks the car has a 11.90 in it and we would have to agree!

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