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Same Day Coverage

2013 Mustang Week Wednesday's Autocross, Circle Track and Burnout Contest at Myrtle Beach Speedway.

July 18, 2013 by Chad Houghton


Wednesday was a full day of action at Myrtle Beach Speedway!  With both Autocross and Circle track being so popular this year, they were run simultaneously all day long.  This event brings out all kinds of people, from the whole family all piled in the back to hot shots who want to really lay down some numbers.


The autocross score is determined by your time.  With sensors set up at the start and finish, as soon as you break the beams the clock starts ticking until you have crossed the finishline.  It's not all easy because every cone you hit your run is hit with penaltly seconds.  Here is some of the action that took place on the autocross course.

Jason Childress is one of the owners of Gateway Classic Mustang in Saint Louis Missouri.  This year they sponsored the the Autocross and gave out rides to spectators in company cars.  One of those cars is this '68 coupe that they have been running for about four years now.  It has all of Gateways Performance Suspension underneath and is setup for Road Racing.

Andy Case, from Eden North Carolina is the owner of this 2010 Shelby that has all kinds of modifications, pushing about 1000hp.  With only some suspension work in the back, Andy was having some fun trying to use as much of the horse power he had on tap.

Keith Shadalier from Spring Lake, North Carolina, has been coming to Mustang week for five years now.  This is his second year doing the Autocross in his '86 SVO with his wife and daughter along for the ride.


Daniel Felk lives in High Point, North Carolina and has brought his father along with him.  Daniel has been coming to Mustang Week for the past four year and has raced the Autocross in his 2003 Mach 1 for the past three. With some motor work, castor camber plates and lowering springs rounding out the mods,  Daniel is looking to have some good runs and some good times with his father riding shot gun.



Circle Track Fun Run!


The circle track brings out the Nascar in all of us.   With three cars allowed on the track at once, you get three laps before pulling back in and back in line if you choose.  To keep participants from going to fast and out of control, rows of tires with just enough opening for one car to fit through are placed around the track.  We caught up with a few racers in pit row before they let them loose on the track.

Ed Crosswhite who lives in Hiram Georgia, has been coming to Mustang Week for the past 11 years.  The car you see here was finished in 2012.  Ed was excited to win the 69-70 trophy last year and is out today having a little fun before the car show this weekend.

This is the first Mustang Week for Brandon Taft from South Carolina.  His Grabber Blue 2011 GT grabbed our attention and has a bunch of suspension work under it.  An intake, headers and custom tune from Pro Dyno rounds out the performance mods.  Brandon is out here having some fun and even entered his car in the burnout contest.

Austin Good cruises the streets in West Virgina in this '93 Mustang GT.  The engine has been replaced with a 347 cubic inch small bock backed by a 6 speed transmission.  The suspension has been upgraded with lowering springs, control arms and drag shocks.  Austin has been coming to MW since 2009 and driving around the circle track every year.

Bill Gandy who is on his 10th Mustang Week is here with his wife and kids.   Bill has owned this car for 8 years and what you don't realize is that it's not a GT or Cobra, but a 2000 six cylinder.  The side window has a sticker on it that says "slo-six", but you would never tell from this picture.

This top going up signaled the end of the autocross and the circle track event.  You could see the rain was coming and held out quite a bit longer then everyone expected.  The rain stopped just in time to dry the front side of the circle track and run the burnout contest.

Burnout Contest!

The burnout contest is always a crowd favorite.  It's the last part of the show and is one of the highlights of the week.  For the second year in a row Jonathan Nerran from Concord North Carolina, has taken the crown home with his awesome display of smoke and show.  Jonathan credits bringing an extra set of tires  knowing he's going to blister a set to take the win!

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