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2013 Mustang Week Tuesday Meet-N-Greet!

July 17, 2013 by Chad Houghton


Mustang Week 2013 is officially off and running, starting with the Meet-N-Greet at The Palace Theater today.   Cars were circling the parking lot as early as 10am, trying to get into the 12-4pm show.  Mustangs were coming and going in drones, we estimate around 1200 were on the property at any given time.  Below are some of the show and car highlights!

The first thing you want to do when you get to the Meet-N-Greet is get in line for the Mustang Week t-shirt.  They only print so many and they go fast!  This line up was still going strong when we decided to leave.


When the Mustang Staff announced they would be revealing the 2013 Mustang Week Mustang in 15 minutes, the show attendees crowded around 6 people deep.  Under the cover was this hot looking black GT Mustang!


Tom McJunkin from Failsworth, South Carolina has owned this Mustang II since 1980.  What started out as a stock car has turned into this Pro Street machine you see here.  The engine is a 351 punched out to a 408 and loaded with all the fixings.  The transmission is a C4 with a trans brake and a 9 inch out back with 4:11 gears which helps to get the big tires rolling smoke.

Stephanie Roi and her husband came all the way from Canada for their first Mustang Week.  Her car is a Chrome Yellow '98 Cobra that she has owned for 11 years.  Somewhere along the line, the engine was swapped out for a '03 Terminator engine.  The transmission was a labor of love, her husband Tim, swapped out the five speed for his 6 speed to give her better gas mileage and he cracked a rib in the process.  If a man giving up his transmission doesn't show true love, a cracked rib and still finishing the job definitely does!

For Mustang week it's all about the repeat attendees.  This is the third year we have seen Tim Taylor and his '66, straight 6 Mustang that gets 28mpg.  Tim has been driving this Mustang to MW for 9 years and came to Myrtle Beach 27 years ago for his Honeymoon.  Tim used to bring his kids here, riding in the back seat and now both his sons and wife have Mustangs and all four will be here this week.

Nate Hartsock from Martinburg, West Virginia, has owned this car for two years and has been coming to Mustang Week for three.  The car has Air Lift Performance Suspension that has four corner adjustability.  The True Forged Wheels really gives it that go fast look and the TBS supercharger under the hood is what makes the car go-go fast.

Dylan Boren from Greensburg, North Carolina has owned this '92 Mustang GT for five years and has been coming to Mustang Week for the same five years.  With 130,000 miles on the odometer, the Vortech supercharger makes 12 pounds of boost and puts down 528HP to the rear tires.

This is the first Mustang Week for Donald Keene from Griffen Georgia, but we at FRN have seen this Roush Stage 1 car for years, drag racing at the NMRA Commerce, Georgia race.   Donald races in the NMRA Roush Super Stang class where the car has run a best of 12.91 seconds in the quarter mile.

Billy Wank, hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and has owned his car for exactly one year.  The '98 Cobra has a fully forged '03 Cobra short block, along with an On 3 Performance, 70mm turbo kit.  The rear end is completely rebuilt and bullet proofed with 31 spline components.  HRE 540 rims are 18x8.5 up front and 18x10.5 wrapped in Nitto's NT555R's out back, really adds to the overall appearance.  When asked if Billy was going to let this car loose on the drag strip this week he let us in on the chink in his armor, in the form of a stock t45 transmission that would blow apart if tried to put the power to the grown.

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