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Fabulous Females in Racing

Fabulous Female, Susie Wiker

March 10, 2015 by Bridgett Davis


From staying up all night swapping motors and sorting parts to putting her man in the burnout box Susie Wiker is one impressive lady in the world of motorsports and to all those who have had the opportunity to get to know her. Taking notice of all the ladies in the world of motorsports from behind the wheel to behind the scenes Susie does it all.

Married thirty two years ago to Johnny Wiker (well-known NMRA racer and owner of Johnny Lightning Performance) little did Susie know her husband’s weekend hobby of tinkering in the garage and the racing of his 1969 Ford Galaxy at Fort Dix New Jersey Air Force Base many moons ago would evolve into so much more and would eventually become an everyday part of their lives years later.

Currently the office manager and tech girl over at JLP Performance, Johnny’s love for anything that goes fast would not ignite in Susie until he picked up a 1969 Ford Gt Blue Mustang early on in the marriage. Once a Cosmetology major, Susie from that point never looked back. Over three decades later, Susie loving every minute, and now behind the wheel of a 2015 Competition Orange Eco boost Mustang Johnny recently bestowed her with for her birthday, shares she wouldn’t have this life of hers any other way.

On any given day you can find Susie prepping the trailer for vending space, getting the cars washed and detailed, organizing the sponsorships, ordering needed products and packing bags and booking hotels for the next road trip with race cars in tow.All though a lot of hard work as Susie points out, she doesn't mind the many road trips across country every year to the next race event as it gives her and Johnny a chance to enjoy each other’s company and a needed break from the shop and office,as well as gives them a chance to spend time doing what they love most- “Racing”!

Susie a huge supporter of other females in motorsports, while she often feels a little twinkle of a desire to race herself, she feels a greater part of her receives the most enjoyment from supporting and watching her hubby of thirty two years do his thing on the track. From seeing Erica Enders becoming the first female to win Pro Stock last year in the NHRA to seeing one of their own Nina Gusler win an NMRA Championship Susie says woman in racing has grown tremendously in recent years and says it is good to see woman and young girls taking more interest in the sport of racing.

Johnny making the switch from the NMRA Renegade Class to Coyote Modified Class this season, Susie hopeful of a championship, none the less win or no win stands by her man.From mechanic, to pit crew, to racer, woman are holding their own and whether they are cooking the next meal or are turning a wrench the car girl is a breed of their own and without a doubt a force to be reckoned with. Doing their thing from the shadows of the spotlight often going unnoticed Susie Wiker Ford Racing Nation latest pic for Fabulous Female commends this special lady in all she does for both her husband and in the sport of drag racing.