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Fabulous Females in Racing

Fabulous Female, Danielle Amrine!

January 29, 2015 by Bridgett Davis


Quietly showing their support, often from the shadows of the lime-light, Ford Racing Nation is taking notice of the important role the ladies play both on and off the track in the world of racing. From the pits too behind the wheel the Fabulous Females of the scene are doing what it takes to get her done.

For the sake of the team, often doing whatever is needed with sacrifices made, sadly many of these amazing ladies go un-noticed to the masses. However if you ask Danielle Amrine seeking the attention of the masses is of no importance if she can’t be a positive role model to her daughters and to other up and coming ladies in the sport of drag racing. 

Introduced into the world of racing via her father, Danielle gained a passion for the adrenaline packed sport early on in life. With a competitive nature it has always been important to Danielle on and off track to not only be the best girl but the best period in whatever she does.

Drag Racing, one of the most equal and fair playing fields in competitive sports, gender having absolutely no bearing on how quickly someone gets to the stripe on the straightaway, Danielle points out contrary to popular believe that be it female or male one only needs intelligence and horsepower as equalizers not physical prowess to take the win.

Along with filling the role of assistant Crew Chief extraordinaire and wife to Matt Amrine who runs NMRA Factory Stock, Danielle is a loving mother to Mallory age four and Lydia age three. Residing in Cincinnati, Ohio Danielle’s track duties range from providing the team with various homemade delectables, to driving the tow rig, to sponsorship proposals, to lining her husband up and putting him in the groove on the track. Showing you can do it all and love every minute of it this lady is nothing less than impressive on a number of levels.

Aside from the rush of feeding her competitive nature, this Fabulous Female loves to be a positive role model through challenging gender stereotypes and posing the question “Why can’t I?” Doing just that Danielle not content with the track sidelines also hits the 1320 on a pretty regular basis in her 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra, showing with tenacity yes she can and yes she does.

With the last decade delivering the emergence of strong females in all venues of racing from Ana Beatrize, to Erica Enders to Danica Patrick along with a host of many other talented female drivers love or hate these ladies they have pushed females to the forefront. With a recipe including courage, determination and fortitude blazing the trail woman such as Danielle are proving the women do and are making for a fierce and competitive contender in the sport of racing.


Danielle shares with so many unsung heroes, from watching the kids on race weekends, to listening to the three thousand different ways their other half can change up the combo for next year it comes down to team effort. Are you a team player and do you have the commitment to see it through? No matter your role on or off the track ladies holding down the fort are just as instrumental as the ones freezing their behinds off in the pits when tech decides they want to tear down the entire field on Saturday. Be it crew, cook, or companion…..  all of equal importance deserving equal value no matter their role.


Danielle racing here 2003 Cobra at the 2014 NMRA All Female Shootout in Ohio ----->

We at Ford Racing Nation could not agree more. Our featured pick for Fabulous Female we commend Danielle for all she does in support of Drag Racing. Look for a continued monthly feature showcasing the ladies of racing from both behind the scene and in the spotlight. Ford Racing Nation invites you to share your selection for Fabulous Female. If you have someone you would like us to consider drop a comment below or message us via Facebook for possible consideration.