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Car of the Month

October Car of the Month: James Marsh's 93 Fox Body!

October 14, 2014 by Bridgett Davis



Shout out to our latest ride of the month on FRN, James Marsh, the owner of a Vibrant White 1993 5.0 Mustang LX “Roush Tribute”. Acquiring this horse back in 08 from his good buddy, Marsh wanted to create his version of what a Roush Stage 3 might have looked like during this era. Sadly however this vision was not ment to be this first go around and was short lived as soon after his friend decided he wanted to be reunited with his high school ride. Marsh being the good friend he is agreed and sold his project ride back to his buddy.

However all was not lost, fast forward three years later, Marsh would be reunited with his lost love when his friend, of many years, contacted him in 2013 and informed him he had to sell the 93 5.0 horse for good, due to financial responsibilities.  In the market for a new ride and looking to sell his current horse, a 1990 drop top Mustang GT, Marsh upon hearing his true love was hitting the market once again jumped at the chance and quickly snatched up the 1993 5.0 LX Hatchback. 

Making the journey through snow, rain, and icy conditions in the middle of winter, Marsh trekked the ugly conditions to reunite with his beloved ride for the second time to bring home this project pony for a permanent stay this go around.  Prepping the car for autocross and track time with what a Roush Stage 3 might have looked like the following modifications and upgrades have been completed.

A before shot of the engine bay

Making the journey through snow, rain, and icy conditions in the middle of winter

Drivetrain mods: stock bottom end 302 with GT-40 3-bar iron heads topped with a rare Roush intake (Serial #0007 of 110 made). The intake is fed by a Vortech SQ supercharger making about 10.5lbs of boost through a lightning mass air meter and 65mm BBK throttle body. It all runs through a Ford Racing T-5Z 5-speed transmission and 3:73 gears. The fuel sytem consists of a 340lph in tank pump and 42lb injectors. Exhaust consists of Mac longtubes and x-pipe with flowmasted 10-series mufflers and tailpipes. A 2-row aluminum radiator and contour electric fans keep it cool. The car made 419hp and 401ft lbs of torque on a very conservative tune by Powercurve Motorsports.

Exterior: The car is still wearing its original '93 white paint with my own custom Roush touches. It sits on Steeda Race Springs and KYB shocks straightened by Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates. Stopping power is all from a '95 Cobra front and rear disc. The wheels are discontinued Konig Villains powdercoated white and wearing BFGoodrich KDW Tires.

Interior: Mostly stock with Corbeau LG1 seats and harnesses with matching rear seat upholstery. There's also a few white accents and Autometer oil, water, volt, and boost gauges.

A unique creation with a six year investment Ford Racing Nation wants to give the everyday car enthusiast a platform through Ride of the Month to showcase your hard work for all to see. If you think your ride is worthy to win a feature on Ford Racing Nation as car of the month, please submit high resolution photos and a brief history and description of why we should choose your baby.

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