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Fluid Turbo Concepts to Sponsor Special Turbo Coyote Class at NMRA Season Opener!

February 01, 2015 by Chad Houghton


The NMRA Keystone Automotive Ford Nationals is pleased to announce that Fluid Turbo Concepts will sponsor a special class at the season opener dedicated to some of the fastest modern Fords on the planet…Turbo Coyote!  Watch as Turbo Coyote cars go wheels-up and heads-up, showcasing the incredible power of Ford’s flagship engineplatform.  Turbo Coyote is just one of several special shootouts planned at the NMRA season opener that includes the Spring Break Shootout presented by Blow-By Racing, the VMP Superchargers Terminator/GT500 Shootout and the TREMEC Stick Shift Shootout as well.

 The Turbo Coyote category, sponsored by Fluid Turbo Concepts, went side-by-side during last year’s NMRA World Finals with racers and fans watching history unfold with record performances and a party no one will soon forget. Dasan Halloway and NMRA worked together to bring this category to the season opener. From world records to personal best times, this get together is open to all turbocharged Coyote S197 and S550cars.

Fluid Turbo Concepts Turbo Coyote Class Rules:

The shootout is open to all single and twin-turbocharged Coyote 5.0L engines in 2005-2015 Mustangs. It is a catch-all format that brings together a wide variety of S197 and S550 chassis cars with three and four link suspensions as well as the new IRS setup. The engines are restricted to Coyote 5.0L foundation, though there is no limit on displacement or internal modifications. Any rear tire is legal but wheelie bars are prohibited. Please check the NMRA website for complete rules:

Fluid Turbo Concepts Turbo Coyote Class Purse:

Winner: $500 + Custom Award

Runner-Up:  $200 + Plaque

Semis:  $100

Quarters:  $50

For more information on Fluid Turbo Concepts log on to www.FluidTurbo.comFor more information on the NMRA Spring Break Shootout event in Bradenton, Florida, log on to or call 714-444-2426.