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PROFORM® Introduces Black Series Carburetors!

February 18, 2016 by Chad Houghton


Black Diamond PTFE coating reduces fuel temps by up to six percent, looks boss in both Street Series and Race Series.
New four-barrel carburetors from Proform feature a Black Diamond PTFE coating on the main bodies and fuel bowls. During testing, this coating reduced fuel temperature by up to six percent, combatting vapor lock. New carburetor models -- all with mechanical secondaries -- range from 650 to 850 cfm in Street Series and 650 to 1050 cfm in Race Series (no air horn, choke tower/choke control for maximum flow). Standard features on all Black Series Proform carburetors include billet metering blocks and baseplates, lightweight aluminum fuel bowls and main bodies, adjustable air and fuel settings for precision tuning, and compatibility with popular Detroit Three automatic transmission kickdowns. Each carburetor is hand-assembled in the USA and engine-tested prior to shipping. Information: Proform Parts, 586.774.2500,