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Erica Ortiz is ready for her return in Pro Mod!

March 31, 2015 by Bridgett Davis


Unfinished business to settle after a nine year recess Erica Ortiz ready for a return to racing ignites comeback with recent release of Pro Mod rendering designed by Rod Burke of Hot Rods by Burke. The all-female Pro Modified team having launched a successful rookie Pro 5.0 season in 2006 sadly derailed shortly before the beginning of Erica’s sophomore season due to the economic fallout that occurred in the country at that time.  Sponsors unable to give financial support Erica Ortiz’s promising racing career was brought to an abrupt halt.


Intending to return after only a short pause as Erica began the building of a new career outside of racing a cancer scare sadly would further delay a hopeful return to racing. Having to take more time off and needing to retreat into privacy to face the most private and personal battle of her life Erica yet again was unable to return to her passion.

Health and family Erica’s focus, while racing never left her heart it would however have to take a back seat during this period of her life which would include both happy times and some of the most challenging. Feeling blessed to have won her battle with cancer, having the opportunity to find love and start a beautiful family with the birth of her son, and having achieved professional success outside the world of racing the timing now right Erica ready for a return and reemergence into racing is gearing up with the launch of a her marketing campaign.

Hoping to begin testing in 2015 with the possibility of running Pro Mod series at some of the regional tracks as well as a possible run in NMCA Pro Mod currently Erica is becoming reacquainted in the sport and has been working hard to lay the platform for a successful return to racing.

Erica the first female to achieve over 200 mph in Fun Ford Weekend as well as the first female in the 8’s on a radial tire along with a sleuth of other records to her name in support of the next generations entrance into motorsports Erica recently revamped her site The Horsepower & Heels website. Now serving as both a news and media website as well as a forum for woman in the industry to make connections and network Erica’s hope is to bring more focus to women as a whole in motorsports. For more info on Erica’s progression visit