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Bret Stabler Running numbers in his Hellion Twin Turbo Mustang!

February 27, 2015 by Chad Houghton


 When it comes to building a fast street car, it is much easier now a days.  Now, building a fast street car, that is reliable, that's a different story. Bret Stabler has been on the Mustang scene for 30 years.  Along the way, Stabler has had many cars. Fox Body's, a Lightning pickup and before his current car,  an '04 Cobra. Bret said the Cobra was just too much of a beast, for the street.  That car was sold in favor of the 2011 GT you see here.  Bought off the show room floor, Bret had only one goal with this car.  That was to run solid 9.7's in the quarter mile, leaving no room for argument about this not being a single digit car.
When looking for a shop to build such a machine, Bret did his research and found Chris Jones, at Blow By Racing.  After much debate Bret decided to take Chris's advice and bolt on a Hellion turbo kit. "I had always been a roots supercharger kind of guy, I Didn't want the lag of a centrifugal blower or Turbo. Chris sold me on the fact turbos were making a big come back so I decided to go with his recommendation." At the time only a single Hellion turbo kit was available, but once the twin kit came out, that's when the real fun began. The upgrade was made using Precision Turbo's 6266 (62mm).  To handle more boost, stronger rods and pistons were bolted in the block.  The rest of the motor, believe it or not, is stock.  So stock, that the variable cam timing is still functioning.

Though the top half of the engine is stock, the rest of the car is not.  An FTI power glide resides between the transmission tunnel along with a PTC convertor.  To handle the 1.27 60ft's, the Rearend had the strange catalogue thrown at it. A set of 3:55 gears, full spool, 35 spline axles and C clip eliminators, were slapped in to help keep the rearend together when the car screams off the line.  Once completed there was nothing left to do except go testing. Two weeks a ago, the car had its first outing.  Armed with a laptop and an AMG boost controller, Chris got to work tuning the stock PCM. The pair ended up ripping off not one, but four 8 second pass that night. The first pass off the trailer, went 8.82 then a 8.85.  Not happy with that the next two passes the car dipped in to the 8.6's running 8.69 and last an 8.68.

Though Chris admits the air was incredibly good that night, the car was only making 15 pounds of boost. Not only that, the car tips the scales at 3700 pounds.  This 2011 GT is by no means a race car and is capable of cruising the highways in his home state of Florida.  These string of 8 second pass makes this the fastest Hellion equipped street car in the country. If that wasn't enough, the boys are looking to turn the wick up just a little bit more, to the tune of 20 pounds of boost for the NMRA season opener in two weeks. With 5 pounds more we will be looking at Bret to show just how fast a variable cam timing, Hellion twin turbo car can go.