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A new Mustang brings new life to a Cancer Survivor

February 20, 2015 by Bridgett Davis


A life-long Mustang enthusiast, Mother of three, and recent Cancer survivor meet Melissa Hall. Melissa, a loyal follower of the iconic pony car, in a recent testament shared how the spirit of the Mustang and all it represents helped give inspiration during recent and challenging times.

Growing up Mustang and at the local drag strip near her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio Melissa learned early on the camaraderie within the Mustang community. Never would she learn this more than during 2014. Diagnosed with Cancer shortly after marrying the love of her life, Melissa would begin her six month fight to survive.

Founder of Sinful Mustang Family,  Melissa experienced first-hand the spirit of the Mustang and how the caring people of this amazing community would come to rally by her side in the direst of times to help her fight through the sadness and sickness during her treatments. With her husband Justin Hall by her side, who also happens to be a Mustang enthusiast, and with the support of many from the Mustang community we are happy to report and give a shout out that Melissa is in remission and has been given a clean bill of health.

In her darkest hour when all else seemed hopeless Melissa found through her own personal experience in fighting this deadly disease that the Mustang is not just a car but a way of life that crosses all boundaries, races, religions, and creeds. Bringing people together for the love of a common interest, Melissa found her hope through the love of the Mustang.

In the celebration of Melissa’s clean bill of health, Justin Hall-Melissa’s husband, recently surprised his new bride with the purchase of their 2008 Mustang GT/CS, which they had the fun of picking out together. Celebrating the future with new found hope Justin felt it only appropriate with the significance the Mustang has played in so many aspects of their life to say thanks with the purchase of their new steed in moving ahead. Living and breathing all things Mustang look for Sinful Mustang Family Car Club to host car show benefit with all proceeds going to the Cancer unit of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. For more info visit