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Ebay Find: 1969 Cobra Jet Convertible!

February 16, 2015 by Chad Houghton


If you love Fords, and in particular Mustangs, like every man, women, and child your number one engine under the hood is a 428 Cobra Jet.  The sheer power combined with the performance of the Mustang, wreaked havoc on the brand X cars back in the day.  As well as today, on the streets and the auction block.  This 69 Q code has some pretty sweet options, making it look like a sales manager ordered it, or someone who knew exactly what they were doing for high resale value.  First starting with the convertible, this is one of only three cars painted Candy Apple Red and the only car built with dark red interior.
This is also a non Mach 1, non Boss, non ram air car.  The person checking off boxes on the option list did put a check next to the competition suspension, which is a huge bonus for us performance guys. The most unique option on this car is the radio delete, but then again, who needs the radio when you have the sweet sound of a 335 hp 428cu, bellowing out one of the sweetest sound ever produced. Speaking on the topic of horse power, these engines were greatly underrated and more like product the power of a modern day Coyote motor.


This car has been completely restored to concourse and was formerly owned by the Torino Collection in Nevada.  Regardless of who owned it and how rare this car is, at a $105,900 "Buy it now", they don't want to know what my best offer could be AKA way out of my ball park. ;)

Link to 1969 428 Cobra Jet Convertible: Click here