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Great American Car War, a new car show on the Velocity Channel!

February 14, 2015 by Bridgett Davis


The Mustang versus the Camaro rivalry long igniting a fierce and often vicious battle for over five decades now, with a score to settle, things are about to heat up even further this Sunday with the premier of "Great American Car War" featured on the Velocity Network. Pitting two teams of four against one another, experts are assembled in various 90-minute challenges with a limited amount of money to spend. From increasing the cars horsepower and track performance to the restyling of the selected rides the Mustang and Camaro go head to head in a throw down face off.

Ford and Chevy at war since the 1960’s, with Mustang and camaro owners spending more money customizing their rides than just about any other cars sold the trash talking commences pretty quickly in the pilot episode. Hosted by well-known gearhead chic Jessica Barton who has herself clocked speeds upward of around 170mph down the straight line, the hope is for the show to be picked up as a series on either the Velocity channel or another network upon the first airing of the pilot episode.

Tony Gonyon heading up Team Mustang with Team camaro lead by Harrison “Doc” Wall, the Mustang typically outdoing the camaro in just about any real world setting with experts on hand from both sides battling it out for bragging rights this is looking to make for a pretty good watch this Sunday. Featured Mustang a 2010 SEMA supercharged and inner cooled V6 owned by Marcello Canitano of Sliver Horse Racing takes on the camaro in the first episode. With Canitano’s steed running mid 12s in the quarter mile with an overall top speed of 171 mph, already producing some pretty impressive street legal results, it will be interesting to see just what the Gonyon lead team Mustang has in store in their efforts of taking out the camaro.

Produced by friends Jim Lewis of Communications Concepts Inc. and Mike Wilson filming of “Great American Car War: camaro vs. Mustang: took place at Orlando Speed World, Green Cove Springs, Orange Park and Titusville, and will be airing from 7 to 8 a.m. Sunday Feb15th and again on Feb. 22 on the Velocity network. With odds in favor of the Mustang who thinks this is a good weekend to wager a bet?