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Ebay Find: 1982 Mustang GT, Ford Factory Race car

February 13, 2015 by Chad Houghton


 An interesting car has come up for sale.  This '82 Mustang GT is a piece of Ford Racing history.  Bought right off the assembly line, this car went straight to the race track.  With the original ownership showing Ford Motor Company, S. Drall on it.  Now back then Stanley Drall was the Public Relations manger and this car was bought through a special dealer account at Ford Headquarters.

The door bars have been removed but come with the car and still covered in SCCA stickers.  

Though it doesn't look much like a race car and more like a daily driver,  that's exactly what class this car raced in, SCCA's Showroom Stock.  The class rules for this style of class is pretty simple, take a car off the showroom floor, bolt in a role cage, and along with all the other standard safely equipment for racing that's it!

We can imagine back in this car's hay day, it was tearing up the track at and beating up on those brand x cars. Though the car, may have had a lot of hard fought battles on the race track, it's remaining years after retirement looks to have been a harder battle. Fully intact, this car can be restored to its formal glory.  But it will take a lot of work.  This car is a full blown resto project and needs to be blown apart, put on a rotisserie and then reassembled with new parts. the owner states this is the cheapest Ford Factory race car ever sold and I think he's right to a certain point.  We tried to dig up more info on this car with no luck. Something tells me this car was raced on an amateur level with the same kind of budget and was used more as an experiment to see how well it performed against other brand cars at the time.  This may as well have sparked the creation of the SVO.  Unfortunately being this race car is 33 years old most people involved with the program have long retired.  We hope one day to see this car back on the track and to do a full feature, paying tribute to this Factory Ford Racer homage.


Link to 82 Mustang GT Ford Factory Race car: click here