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How to Change Spark Plugs on your 1996-04 Mustang using NGK products!

February 04, 2015 by Bridgett Davis


Regular maintenance of your Mustang is crucial in ensuring the high performance engine of your steed runs efficiently
and smoothly through the duration of its life. Essentially a tell all into the health and condition of any engine the
regular replacement of the spark plugs is critical in ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

In our latest video tutorial straight from the Ford Racing garage our on-site expert demonstrates just how easy it is to perform this routine maintenance in your own garage using the high performance NGK Laser Platinum spark plugs and coil boots. Our brand of choice for project Ruby, NGK spark plugs not only provide improved throttle response, but deliver better fuel efficiency, higher ignitability and constant reliable spark power as well as lower emissions.

Impressive in their engineering and design the NGK spark plug uses pinpoint laser welds to lower excess debris reducing the overall required voltage needed to link the spark plug gap delivering an improved and efficient burn. Providing both a faster start and quicker acceleration the NGK is a great choice for not only the street Mustang but for the track horse as well.

Ford Racing your source for all things Ford, look for our next instructional video coming soon. Drop a comment below or message us on our Facebook page for future video suggestions.