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installing a JLT Ram Air kit on your New Edge Mustang!

January 30, 2015 by Bridgett Davis


When looking to increase rear wheel horsepower on your 1994-04 Mustang GT the JLT ram air intake can be a great place to start when enhancing performance for a relatively low cost investment. In our latest product install and review segment of Ford Racing our hands on in the garage Editor Chad Houghton walks you through a pretty easy peazy install that just about anyone can perform in under a couple hours at most.

Computer engineered to optimize power, fitment, and under hood appearance, the JLT ram air intake comes complete with a high flow reusable air filter for only around a $220 out of pocket investment delivering a pretty significant return of around 8-12 horsepower with 20ft/lb of torque hitting the pavement. Featuring Roto molded plastic intake tubes or Carbon Fiber, the JLT system provides not only the coldest air possible but the cleanest as well for the 1994-04 Mustang GT.

It is recommended in unleashing the full horsepower increase and throttle response of the JLT ram air intake to use custom tuning to completely awaken the full potential. Available in a few selected finishes the JLT system keeps the intake air nicely cooled and improves resistance to engine heat, delivering better street and track performance.

Engineered to enhance performance and provide improved under the hood styling the JLT ram air intake is a great option to consider. Designed to be an easy do it yourself project no specialized tools are needed for an install of the JLT ram air intake system. Ford Racing Nation’s latest Youtube video release we invite you to also visit our on-site forums for more info on anything Ford.