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The word “Mustang” is the 16th most popular secret passcode!

January 27, 2015 by Bridgett Davis


Not only does the Ford Mustang hold the cool honor of being the most beloved ride on the planet with over eight million Facebook followers but now also holds the title as the 16th most common password used on the internet. 

The Ford Mustang officially making its entry into the global market, has now surpassed both Batman and Superman in its popularity. Officially now dubbed the superhero slayer as the word of choice for online access of accounts and personal networks such as email and social media venues the Mustang continues to spread the pony gospel in all we do

SplashData a company which specializes in password management, reports the word “Mustang” is not only the 16th most popular secret passcode used but is also the only auto to make its way into the top 25 list. While the same password is not suggested for all your website forums it is recommended you pick something you will remember easily. “We’re flattered people want to use ‘mustang’ as their password, but alone, it just isn’t strong enough to be secure,” said Keith Moss, Ford Director of Cyber Security. “We encourage people to use ‘mustang,’ but we recommend they strengthen their password by mixing upper and lower case letters, numbers, acronyms and symbols to make it unique.”

While for some an afternoon cruise in the pony car may fulfill the addiction, for many more living and breathing the Mustang often overfloweths into all aspects of our lives including our online lives as well.  From Mustang attire to decorating our garages in our favorite Mustang décor using the word Mustang is just one more outlet for the Mustang enthusiast to express their love and excitement for the iconic Ford Mustang. In what ways have you shown your love for the Mustang?