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Modify the Interior of Your Mustang using UPR Products!

January 26, 2015 by Bridgett Davis



With the majority of Mustang owners spending a good deal of their time behind the wheel, enhancing the interior can be a great place to begin improving both appearance and comfort for the overall driving experience. While exterior modifications tend to be the most popular place to begin, starting with the interior can be a great alternative way to not only deliver instant gratification in a shorter time but can be the ideal place for the first time do it yourselfers to begin when performing their own modification install.

In our latest installment of Ford Racing Nation’s product install and review video Chad Houghton with a little elbow grease demonstrates the install of five different interior enhancements offered by UPR Using project Ruby, Houghton takes us on a step by step how to that can be completed in just under an hour pending all the correct tools are on hand. Each product packaged neatly with easy to follow instructions our bet is even the most novice could perform these installs pretty effortlessly. 

UPR most well-known as a suspension manufacturer is also a supplier in the industry of both quality interior and exterior product enhancements from late to new model Ford Mustangs. Using project Ruby for our latest product install we can report we were very pleased with not only the new and improved interior appearance of Ruby but with the overall product quality and available selections to choose from. For more info or to check out UPR selections visit

Ford Racing Nation invites you to drop a comment below with your suggestions of what you might like to see covered in our video blog of product installs and review. What is your latest interior mod and did you tackle a do it yourselfer or did you drop it at the shop?