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Banging Gears Testing MGW's 3 handles for the T5/T45 shifter, Which handle is for you?!

January 24, 2015 by Bridgett Davis


MGW Shifter Handle Review

In our latest video contemplation our Editor Chad Houghton bringing you all things Ford, reviews the MGW shifter handle for the T5/T45 transmission available for the popular SN95 Ford Mustang and Fox Body Platform. Using project ride Ruby, Houghton giving a step by step comparison of the three available sizes for this particular generation Mustang highlights and discusses the benefits of each.

With the use of a pretty ingenious mathematical equation and a little science, Houghton measures the shifter throw of three different available sizes, breaking down how each can be used to fit the driver depending on needs. Demonstrating the throw capabilities of the Comfort OEM, the Standard, and the Race MGW shifter handle options, the throw distance of each one is measured in neutral, 3rd, and 4th gear in a real world daily driving scenario.

Not only providing number data results on each Houghton discusses the comfort level of all three options compared to the stock shifter and what might be the right choice for the buyer based on personal needs and goals one might have when purchasing a MGW shifter handle.

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MGW Shifter Handle Review
 MGW Shifter Handle Chart