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Mustang Owner Says His Horse is Eco-Friendly, Fights Parking Ticket and Wins!

November 01, 2014 by Bridgett Davis


Ever wish you could do your part to be a bit more eco-friendly. Maybe plant a tree, recycle some plastic, or even buy a green friendly ride. Well it could be if you are the owner of the hard hitting Mustang GT that you are already doing your part and may have not have even know it. Yes we said Mustang GT.

While the Mustang GT would typically not be considered a ride that falls into the green friendly vehicle realm, with the addition of an SCT tune you just might have yourself an environmentally friendly horse.  Could it be? Yes it could be and is according to SCT tuner data results, one college student and a local college campus police department.

Recently Thomas McGirl a university student from Boca Raton, Florida, who was rushed for time and was a bit late to class, was in a hurry to find a parking spot close to the building where his class was. After a quick trip around the lot he remembered a row of spots labeled "Low Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicles Only”. So McGirl after pondering it for few seconds thought ok well my Mustang has a tune on it and since the tune, while increasing horsepower, does give me better fuel economy, why not.

So with that said McGirl pulled his Race Red 2011 Mustang GT with Track Pack into a slot and quickly scurried off to class. Upon returning to his car three hours later to his surprise he had received a parking ticket. Figuring this was pretty unfair, since the terms of the parking was not defined, how can anyone judge who is truly fuel efficient and who is not.

With that said, the following Monday, McGirl stopped by Blow By Racing, where he has all his work done on his ride, to have a MGW shifter installed. While he was waiting he shared his parking space dilemma with Steve Gelles at BBR.  Without hesitation, Steve went to the SCT website, printed off the page that shows where SCT tunes offer better fuel mileage and stamped it with the shop logo.  Steve told McGirl to hand this in support of his claim, that his horse was more fuel efficient with a Blow By Racing 93 octane tune that had been loaded up with the SCT tuner device.

 Later that day, McGirl stopped by the university and went to the offices of the campus police department and shared his findings with the office. With a look of bewilderment from the office attendants, after some clever convincing and discussion with the officers, McGirl was able to have the ticket dismissed and voided.

McGirl stopped by Blow By Racing, where he has all his work done on his ride, to have a MGW shifter installed.


Since his pony was technically more fuel efficient over stock it was determined that he was within his rights to park in the "Low Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicles Only” parking spots that had been zoned off by the school. So with technology at our finger tips even the hungriest of the pony line can now do its part to stay green and save a tree.

Well thanks to McGirl, and his ingenious thinking, while he might have made a few more Mustang friends we gather his green friendly counterparts might just be frowning at him a tiny bit next time he chooses to park in one of their zoned off spots. However, regardless of the outer package fuel efficient is fuel efficient and we give this kid his well- deserved cred for thinking outside the Mustang box. What do you think? Is his argument valid and was the campus police department valid in dismissing his parking ticket?

Steve Gelles's quick thinking saved the day!