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Run Away Pony is Save From Certain Collision!

October 29, 2014 by Bridgett Davis


Sliding in for the save a quick thinking, quick reacting mechanic takes action when a run-away pony tries to escape from the stable. Video captures the on duty mechanic rolling a classic Mustang into the workshop for service. Unbenounced to the man, as he begins to walk away, the open-door valuable horse takes flight and begins to roll backwards on what appears to be a certain collision course.

Surprisingly as seen in the video, the man takes action as he turns around and sees pony wheels in motion. He then proceeds to run at turbo speed towards the run-away horse in an effort to save the day. Well he does just that and becomes a hero when he quickly slams the door shut prior to "Bo Duke-ing" it into the vintage Mustang and then places himself in the driver’s seat and behind the wheel as heroically brings the ride to a safe and quick stop.

With no damage occurring to this sweet ride and possibly only slight bruising occurring to this brave mechanic all that ends well is well. We gander this mechanic upon saving the day breathed a sigh of relieve and gained an interesting dinner table story to share with his family that night of how he most likely saved his employment that day. A day he will not soon forget we can bet on that.

 Unsure of the mechanics name or even what shop this occurred in, one must wonder if the proud owner of this horse ever saw this clip. We are guessing not as some things are simply better left unsaid and most definitely unseen as often what we don’t know won’t hurt us.  Regardless, this fast thinking guy saved a classic pony and saved the day and for that Ford Racing Nation gives him two thumbs up and a round of applause. Would give this guy a high five for saving your ride if this was yours?