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Possible GT350 Test Mule, on Pasture Run, Captured on Camera Having Roadside Issues!

October 30, 2014 by Bridgett Davis


Highly shrouded in mystery a recent spotting of what appears to be a GT350 prototype was captured on Woodward Ave. in Michigan not far from the Blue Oval’s headquarters apparently having ignition issues. A quick thinking passing driver pulls off to film the highly camouflaged mystery horse as the driver works to restart the engine.

With much speculation as to what motor Ford might drop into the GT350 variant, it is anticipated that the GT350 will be powered by the naturally aspirated 5.2 liter flat-plane crankshaft V8, also known as the Voodoo engine, upon a possible release in 2016. Typically on these open street prototype runs either engine performance testing is occurring or chassis testing. With that said what could possibly account for the ignition issues? Could it be that this horse was not wired up to the secretive 5.2- liter power plant at all, but had rather been rigged up and hooked up to a mocked up, version of the 5.0 Coyote motor simply for the purpose of taking this mule out for some chassis testing on this particular day. This could be one possible scenario as to why this pony was seen having roadside issues.

Issues aside this horse gave a hungry display of its soundtrack, hitting some pretty sick notes once it got fired back up.  The GT350 expected to be the spiciest variant of the S550 is speculated to produce between 500-600 horsepower and torque in the 400 range when it hits the streets, surpassing the performance of the currently retired GT500.

Still in prototype stage and not yet released from the Blue Oval barn anything is possible with this mule still in testing. Following suit with the past pony line-ups you can expect the GT350 to lead the pony pack in performance regardless of final set-up. Ford Motor Company continues to take the Mustang Enthusiast driving experience to new pastures and we expect nothing less than the ultimate Ford Mustang driving experience and performance from the GT350 upon its release. What do you think? Was this mule on a chassis test run, or was the highly guarded Voodoo engine powering this horse this particular day?