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Fun Ford Facts

Before the Model T there was the Model N!

April 28, 2011 by Chad Houghton

It took many months of development by Henry Ford and his engineers before the Model N was finally completed.  Throughout 1905 and 1906 Ford wanted to design a four cylinder automobile that could sell for $500.  By the fall of 1906 the Bellevue Ave plant was assembling 100 engines a day.  Henry wanted to manufacture ten thousand Model N's a year and that put the Piquette plant in overdrive trying to produce the finished product as fast as they could.  When the Model N went on sale the newspapers and Magazines gave raved reviews over the Model N.  The advertising message that was used for the Model N was, "There are a lot more poor people then wealthy people.  We'll just build one car for the poor people."  During a  publicity campaign for the model N in 1906 it stated that Henry Ford idea was to build a high grade, practical automobile at a reasonable price.  The public responded!  Sales of the Model N in 1906-07 climbed to 8423 cars.  Thats more than 5 times the company's previous record in a span of twelve months.