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Driver and Crew Interviews

2009 NMRA Super Street Outlaw Champion John Urist

February 12, 2010 by Chad Houghton

John Urist is the winningest driver in the NMRA with 5 championship rings under his belt, 4 championships in a row.  The real and only question is... can this man be beat?

Driver and Crew Interviews

2009 NMRA Drag Radial Champion Jason Lee

February 12, 2010 by Chad Houghton

In 2008 Jason Lee showed he had a setup that was not to be reckoned with, but switching back and forth between two drag radial series took it's toll on Jason's performance.  In 2009 he decided to only run the NMRA in a quest for the championship.  The first event he set the bar high with two 7sec passes and the event win.  Forever putting a foot print in NMRA Drag Radial.

Driver and Crew Interviews

Interview with NMRA SSO Racer Chris Tuten

February 11, 2010 by Chad Houghton

We caught up with Chris Tuten at the final leg of the 2009 NMRA series in Bowling Green Kentucky. It was all smiles for Chris Tuten, as of saturday mid day he was #1 qualifier in Super Street Outlaw.

This is your first full year in SSO, how happy are you with your performance?

Obviously coming off a real good run, on paper it looks like we are really happy but like i said to you earlier you just don't know how we are going to run in the heat. In good weather I am very happy.

Do you think you have had a consistent year with this set up?  Have you had any tuning issues?

No we've just had a lot of ups and downs with parts failures and stuff like that. In this race here, so far no failures and everything is just running good. We can actually run the car over and over to figure out what it needs to make it run.

Being the only turbo entry that actually ran the whole season how well do you think the rules are going to play out for next year for turbo entries?

You know thats an interesting question, judging by this race on paper everything looks even.

You went in qualifying #1, What was that pass?

7.39 & 190mph, however (John) Urist went 194 and he hasn't made a clean pass in this good air. He might be able to go a low (7) 30, in that case there still needs to be a little bit of work done.  You just don't know.

Since the Super Charger entries are running direct drive do you think they will change the rules and give the turbo entries a 98 mm, giving them a bit of an advantage over last year?

I don't know, when it comes to turbos everybody is kinda scared, its like a black art. Theres a mystery behind them, everyone thinks you can just secretly turn them up. I don't know if they are going to do anything.

What can we expect from you in the 2010 season? Maybe a different motor combination?

I am actually very happy with the motor and everything in the car. We are just going to work on refining, pick away at it little by little and I think maybe our goal will be to try to go a 7.40 in the heat. If we can do that when we get good weather again we should be able to go mid 7.30's and maybe thats where everybody else is by then.

No wheelie bars next year?cris-tuten-car

Absolutely not! I'll hold on to no wheelie bars as long as I can.

In drag radial you ran a super charger and now in SSO you are running a turbo. Do you have any advice for someone switching from a supercharger to a turbo?

 Gosh darn! thats a loaded question. It depends, the first thing is learn to drive. A turbo car is a difficult car to drive period. Getting your starting line and your boost right every single time is key. My biggest advice is before you even go to the track practice atleast 20-30 times in the shop. Pulling the car up to the line, make sure the boost is right. Then cool the car,and the torque converter and do it again. Get all that right and behind you before you get to the track. A lot of people don't do that and when they get to the track, they are all pumped and don't know what they are doing. It's a waste of a day. That stuff you can get done at the shop. Get it done before you ever go to the track.