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Driver and Crew Interviews

There's a New Kid on the Playground and He's Not Playing Nice!

November 17, 2010 by Chad Houghton


Andrew Demarco


Andrew Demarco

With a state of the art chassis from DMC racing and a Proline engine with "Proline" machine gunned into the valve covers, this racing team has some pretty heavy hitters backing them up.  Super Street Outlaw has to be one of the toughest classes in the world.  Put a 2000 hp car in the beams on a 28 tall tire let it lose and hold on for a wild ride.  You have to have the right frame of mind to get behind the wheel of one of these cars.  That brings us to the man behind MassMayhem Racing, Andrew DeMarco.  This 28 year old, along with his twin brother David are from a small town 15 min North of Boston.   He grew up around race cars and has been racing since he got his licence.  We first met Andrew in Bradenton Florida at the season opener in 2010.  Still working on the finishing touches on his car, he had borrowed one to race to get points.  We didn't see Andrew again until Zmax in North Carolina where some chassis issues had him going for some wild rides and he decided to call it a race until they figured out the setup. 

You basically just jumped on the scene in SSO what is your racing back ground?

I have a low 8 sec street car, we take it on the street once and a while.  It runs bottom 8's, it's been running Heads Up 8.50's.  Proline has always done my motors.  Steve Petty has been the top contender for 4 or 5 years, kinda the guy to beat.  I went to all the NMRA events with the 8 sec car.  It's an 82 notchback, 25.5 originally built for NMRA real street but I lost interest.  I like the 4 eyed cars thats why I stick with that.

So what made you decide to race in SSO?

The first NMRA event I ever went to was in Bradenton in 03 and I saw the class and followed it from 03-04.  You've got to be proper "F"d to get into an SSO car.  And I thought, I can drive that shit I'm going to have to get into that class.  Honestly I think it's the most humbling and bad ass class out there, being on them little tires.  Just under 2000HP these little cars trying to go every which way but straight going mid to bottom 7's.  We are almost using 1400 feet of track sometimes, it's definately a humbling experience.  The best best rush you will ever get.

You said that you have been following the class since 03-04.  Is that when you decided you wanted to build a car for this class?

Originally I was looking at Drag Radial because I grew up with Peter Champani running Drag Radial and then Manny Bajinga is up my way.  At first it was all about the Radial crap, I had Radials on the car and it was a pain in the ass to get them to work.  It works sometimes and then it doesn't and to learn about track conditions.  I put a slick on the car and never looked back.  I stuck with the small tire and have been friends with the guys from Proline.  It's more of experience to drive something like that then drive a 9 sec bracket car with a 14 in slick on the back.

Andrew Demarco Proline

Andew Demarco DMC Racing

You came out with a really nice piece here, state of the art.  Following the class through the years and then showing up with something like this. Did you realize you were going to have to build something a step ahead?

Ya we were looking ahead and also wanted to make a car versatile, to be able to race other series.  DMC racing did the whole chassis on the car.  I bought the car, it was a headache at first.  I bought it 2 years ago, thought I was going to have my engine and trans within the first couple months I had the car.  It turned out other wise, we cut the whole cage apart.  I wanted atleast a 25.3 chassis, something that's going to be the best of the best for 10in tire racing.  I also wanted to be able to cross over to some limited street stuff and outlaw radial stuff.  I'm going to stick with Super Street Outlaw with the stock suspension and get a little bit of a weight break.  We trying different combinations to see what is going to take to run at the front. 

This isn't a ladder bar car, it's a stock suspension car?

Stock suspension, it's a different feel.  I have driven a ladder bar car which belonged to Mike Dez down in florida.   It planted, you could eat a cheese burger after the 1/8th mile.  Just let go of the wheel, straight as an arrow.  These little things like to dance once and a while.  It's a good feeling.

Andrew Demarco DMC Racing

Andrew Demarco Mass Mayhem Racing

You had this car for 2 years Has it taken the full two years to build this car?

Thats a good question actually.  It's  mixture of things you want things to be right, that was one thing, having some people drag their feet. Kinda started to wait to long to start on the car and kinda came to WTF man?! Lets go out and race.  I had the motor and really started gnawing at it.  Trying to get out there and go race.  It's been 2 years of headaches, but they built a beautiful car.  Now it's just gettin it sorted out, I just went a 1.20 flat 60ft with the turbo.  That was kinda cool, the whole experience, we can just keep pecking away at it.

Originally this was a pro charger car?  What made you go to a Turbo setup?

Ya it was a Pro Charger car.  We tried to mess around with a couple of different combinations.  I wanted to go down the road of a stock suspension F2 Pro Charger car because, you get an extra weight break for an F2 on the car.  But some weight changes where done in the class and you know trying to say an F2 is comparable to a 94 (mm turbo) is just not happening.  They make an excellent amount of power, maybe it will work with it's lower weight 2800, 2850 but I couldn't hack it.  Steve Petty tunes my car and builds my motors, good friend.  He said,"why don't we put a 94 on it and see how it will run and just peck away and see how the rules play out at the end of the year",  But I'm kinda getting used to driving a turbo and we will see where it goes from here.

Andrew Demarco

Andrew Demarco Proline

You say you always had Proline build your motors?

We have been using them for over 6 years now.  It's turned into a friendship.  We joke around or even talk about different classes,what we can do with this and what can we do with that.  When I told Steve Petty "I have got to run Super Street Outlaw" he said "we've got a bone to pick with that class, you can do it".  We all want to see what we can do with a turbo in the class.  I think we can run up front and keep pecking away.  I'm not going to stop until I get a championship.

You have been plugging away with this car.  This weekend seems like your having some great passes with it.

The first couple of passes we battled some 3-400 foot wheel stands.  It's cool if you like taking pictures but it's not fun when they come down and decide where they want to go. So we tightened the front end up and we dropped a full tenth at the 60ft.  Just tightening it up and made an anti role bar adjustment.  We stumbled into a couple of different problems as far as some fuel pressure goes and stuff like that so we just got onto that.  The passes I have made out here.  I have had to dump it at the 1/8th rolling to an 8.20 that ain't going to cut it. But looking at the increments we should be a player and hopefully it's ready to run come sunday morning.

Andrew Demarco

Andrew Demarco

Any one in the mix you would like to thank?

I would like to definately thank my father Richie, my brother David.  I've been going to the track since I was knee high. I would also like to thank DMC racing, Steve Petty and all the boys from Proline.  Mike Dez from Mike Dez Racing.  All my close friends that come with me and give me the biggest hand they can give me. I couldn't do it with out any of these guys at all.


 UPDATE! Andrew was testing in Bradenton last month and went a 7.22@193 in SSO trim.  Thats hauling the mail on those small tires!  NMRA's Super Street Outlaw is going to be an interesting year!