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Driver and Crew Interviews

Jim Monson runs 6.94 @ 201mph

October 22, 2010 by Chad Houghton

Jim Monson

In a 10.5 Outlaw world where Goliath seems to be kicking the crap out of David these days, Jim Monson is still rocking his small block single turbo combo and showing that the David's still have a few rocks up their sleeve.  Though work has kept Jim busy he is still making progress and puts on a show everytime he pulls into the water box.  At the NMRA Finals in Bowling Green this year a show Jim put on indeed running a 6.94 at 201. His first 6sec. pass!  We caught up with Jim to see how it feels to pop that... mark! 

Friday night you made your first 6 sec pass what went through your mind?

I didn't know at first I pulled the chutes the car was stopping and I kept waiting for my brother-in-law to come over the radio and tell me what it ran and it seemed like I waited forever for him to come over and say it finally went a 6.  I think it took longer because he had to look over at the scoreboard 2 or 3 times to convince himself it was right.

How was that pass going down the track?

I knew it was fast and it felt really smooth I knew the tune up was right and I also knew from looking at the back of Conrads car that he must have been going really fast.  But I new it was a good run, I really did.  It felt good going all the way down.

Jim Monson

You also did quite well at the Yellow Bullet Nationals.  Is that when you really started to lean on it?

We found some stuff at the Yellow Bullet Nationals.  It was a 1/8 mile race so we weren't sure what it was going to run in the 1/4 mile but we had an idea, but I didn't want to go on Yellow Bullet and brag about it or talk too much because I didn't want to jinx it.  We have been working for years and years trying to break into the 6 second zone and I just wanted to show up and run a 6 and then be happy afterwards.

Before the Yellow Bullet Nationals what kind of numbers did this car put up?

We ran NMRA Milan (2010) and we saw you there.  We went 7 teens, the car would go 7 teens with in a few hundreth for about the last year, year and a half and then we just skipped right over the 7.00's. lol  We  don't have time for that, we have some catching up to do so lol.

Small Block Ford Single Turbo

These past 2 seasons you have been taking some time off from racing, now that you made a 6 sec pass will we be seeing more of Jim?

What the car runs really doesn't dictate where I race.  I'm a Chrysler supplier, so Chrysler has a great forecast.  Their vehicle sales are up, great line up and we would love to make as many parts for those vehicles as they would like to buy.  We are on the team and we hope everybody is successful, if Chrysler does well you will see a whole lot more of me.

You started out with nitrous and then switched to a turbo a few years back.

In 2004 we blew the hood scoop about 100 feet in the air for a second time in a row and I pulled the car in the trailer and said we are done with nitrous where going to build a turbo car.

Jim Monson

You said there are a few things you are going to change to help out the performance.  What are they?

We are out of fuel!  The fuel pump, I keep putting fuel pressure into it, it doesn't change it's still running out of fuel so I keep jacking the fuel pressure up, it doesn't change so we got to put a mechanical pump on the car and I think it wants a little more gear.  So there is still more in it, you know you just have to keep working on these things and you find little things that help to go a little faster.  So I hope we have a place to race next year with the NMRA.  If not we will race super street because these guys run a great event.  We will show up where ever we can with these guys.

Any last thoughts?

I just want to thank the guys who helped me out.  Hutch's Trans Service in London Ont. (Canada) I beat the hell out of this stuff and try and break it and it just runs pass after pass.  Reed from Super Natural Turbo (, he builds turbos that live for ever.  Don Bailey, put a tune up in this car that doesn't break parts and goes fast.  VP fuels, without those guys we wouldn't be out here.  Also Competition Components (, NLR Systems (AMS, XS Power Batteries.  And finally my brother-in-law, the car doesn't leave the garage with out my brother-in-law Dan.

Jim Monson