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Driver and Crew Interviews

Matt DaSilva Kickin Ass and Takin Names!

September 26, 2010 by Chad Houghton

Matt Da Silva

Growing up in the racing scene, spending time with dad, learning what makes cars go and go fast!  It shows a young child that life isn't perfect and not everything goes the way you want it too.  You have to work hard in this life to get where you want to be and better yet what you want to be.  Watching his father, work hard and win 2 championships in pro 5.0 really made a great role  model for him.  By day he works in the race shop, by night stays after hours to work on his own car.  This man is on a mission setting the world on fire with his 05 GT street car to run 10's on all motor and stock bottom end.  A man who has raced the orange white flamed twin turbo car to a 6.62 @ 232mph.  A very well known and respected racer that has sent fear in the eyes of his fellow racers, and he has done all this at the ripe age of 20.  Introducing Matt DaSilva, son of Canada's favourite Ford Drag racer, Joe DaSilva.  Matt DaSilva is the next rising star with the Da Silva name plate.  Matt wants to push the limits and take the name to new ground in ADRL and eventually a funny car.  Working long hours in the shop (DaSilva Racing) with his dad creating a strong foundation, Matt is sure to become a house hold name in drag racing.    

Did you spend a lot of time with your dad at the track when you were growing?

Yes since the age of 2 I travelled with him, racing all over North America.

What age did you start racing?

 I started racing Jr. dragsters when I was 7.  My car had a gas motor that ran 14.5 sec to the 1/8th , that was the fastest I went back then.  I went from Jr's to my dad's old 86 at the age of 16.  I was taught how to drive stick on his 2000 Mustang.

You raced your dad's (86) coupe.  Did you guys buy that back and rebuild it?

Yeah we built that back in 2003-04, it's parked right now. It was a renegade car in NMRA but it has a radial on it. It ran a best of 8.67 @ 162mph.  It's on the back burner now, I'm just having too much fun with my street car.

Matt Da Silva

Do you work on the cars at the shop as well?

I would like to work more in the back, I do work there after hours but i manage the front during the day.  My dad wants me to pilot the freight of the train, so thats what I'm doing.

Do you have you own client base?

I have a group of buddies that I keep in close touch with, we have our own race team.  My dad and I run the shop together, so i would say we are one big family.

Matt da Silva

You said your having fun running your street car, is that something you put together?

Yes I built it after hours at the shop, I wanted to go 11's on a stock long block, all motor.  The next step is running 10's with a naturally aspirated mod motor.


You also drive the Pro 5.0 car. Is this car something you want to race?

It is something I eventually want to do.  We are really focused on the business right now, so it hasn't been out the last few years. We are thinking about putting a team together and maybe race ADRL or another sanctioning body that allows big tire cars.  So yes definitely in the future. 

 Da Silva Racing

Matt Da Silva


What are your personal racing goals?

To make a name for myself and set some records.  Personally NMRA Pure Street is my favorite class.  In the near future I would like to do build a pro car for our big team.  I'll drive anything for anyone and will try to build what I want along the way.


Speaking of NMRA, you won Super Stang at the Milan event.

It was a good feeling!  Last year I red lit and I wanted to redeem myself this year. I had a great feeling the whole day, it went perfect for me.  I couldn't ask for anything better.  It was good times with old friends and I met alot of new faces. Can't complain!


So is this a career choice for you? Racing and running the shop?

I have definitely thought about it.  I'm definitely into it, it's in my blood, anyone can tell you that.  I definitely want to make this my career.  I guess my main goal though is to pilot a 7000 hp funny car.  As soon as I can possibly get there! lol

It appears that you and your father work very well together.

Yes, we are a good team.  I consider him one of my best friends.  It's a father son relationship, like anyone we have our conflicts, but at the end of the day I wouldn't want anyone else by my side.  I'm definately best friends with my dad and I am very thankful he got me into racing. 

Matt Da Silva


Matt Da Silva

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to thank our sponsors, Ford Racing, Brian Wolf really helped me out.  Classis design concepts, Vortech, UPR products , Tom Reider (use to own Reider Racing & Precision gear) Mac Products , Pro 5.0  And of course thanks to my pops for getting me into this sport.