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Driver and Crew Interviews

Billy Glidden is Back in 13 Days!

July 30, 2010 by Chad Houghton


Billy Gliddens ADRL AFX Car

At the ADRL race in Heartland Park Topeka, Kansas July 2-3, Billy Glidden crashed his car. He was in the left lane when the tree came down. The car then made a hard right turn head on into the wall (Click here for photos) flipping the car on it's roof.  Billy was ok but his 2011 bodied Mustang had seen better days.  With a lot of hard work Billy and Shannon had their car back in only 13 days! They rolled in to Route 66 friday night to race in the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl which he took runner up in NMCA Pro Street.  The weekend between the wreck and getting the ADRL Mustang back I saw Billy and Shannon at the Pritchet Brothers race at Milan Mich.  Running the famed black 90GT Mustang.  Billy went to the finals but had to lift when the car came up on the wheelie bars hard and had to really drive the car when it came down.  Not wanting to risk wrecking the old black Mustang Billy lifted and left with a runner up in a car that had out of date technology and was clearly the under dog all weekend.  We caught up with Billy after the race at Route 66 to ask how he got the car back out so fast and why he brought out the old black GT 

Two weeks ago you had an accident in ADRL could you give us a brief run down on what happened with the car?

The car broke an axle tube, it didn't twist it, it just snapped it right in two.  That caused the car to make a violent right turn across the track and head on into the wall and put it on the roof.


That day you had the motor and trans out of the car and you sent it to the chassis shop.

About an hour, hour and fifteen minutes after the crash.  The engine and trans were out and it was up in Jerry Haas's box trailer at that race track, he took it home and got after it. 


Billy Gliddens ADRL Extreme 10.5 Mustang

You put the car on the roof and they had it fixed pretty quick was there really that much damage to the car.

The damage was firewall forward for the most part they replaced mostly struts, and the engine cradle, strut bars.  The front shocks are still the same shocks.  New front end, same hood scoop same doors same body, different front window.  The Jerry Haas car did a great job really it just absorbed the impact really well, it was a pretty sudden stop.  


Did you come to this event to test the car for the ADRL?

Houston is next weekend there is two races next week. Charlie Harmon and the Pro Media gang really help us.  They checked in on us when this happened.  This race is only 200 miles from the house rather then having to have to go some where in Texas to run. We drove 300 miles from Jerry Haas, we left friday night about 8 oclock and drove here, we got here around midnight but still in the end this allowed us to run our car and then go home to access anything we need to work on

Billy Gliddens AFX Mustang


Billy Gliddens ADRL 2011 Mustang

Is the car driving the same before the accident?

The car is doing great!  I came here with a different combination as well.  Same engine but our drive line has some pretty major changes  and our first run here was our first run on that with this car and this engine (Hemi).  We ran it, did some testing with it last week with the old car with the small block just to try and get a baseline or an idea so we came here with  a lot of things different, but the car drives great.  The car is doing exactly what its suppose to do.


Last weekend you brought out your old Black 90 GT at Milan.  Were you going to start using that until this car got fixed?

That was to test the new combination the two cars act quite a bit the same with setup gear racials and clutch combinations and nitrous.   So it was actually so I wasn't sitting on my hands really doing nothing.   Effectively we wanted to try and find a way to be better for the next time out.  I don't know if were going to be better but we do have a different direction that were going right here.  I know Spiro was here to test, I don't know if he ever even made it down the track.  It's pretty warm here I dont think it's as hot here as it will be in Houston but a least we raced here pretty close to the way we race ADRL.


Billy Gliddens Black 90GT

 When was the last time you brought out the black 90GT?

The last time we raced the old Mustang was NMCA Bowling Green 2008. We only raced it that one time that year and it's been 2007 sometime when we had run it last.

 You ran a 4.32 (to the 1/8) with that car and I think it was a 1.06 60ft with that?

We went 1.04 when we went 4.32, but you know in the afternoon when the other cars ran  we went a 4.41 there was a 4.42, 4.45 and 6s,7s.  When it the sun went down and we went the .32 the guy who was probobly the quickest car had crashed.   Our car ran good because of the different combination I'm telling you about.  It just seemed to work really well.


 Is there anyone you would like to thank for getting the new Mustang back on the track?

Jerry Haas and his whole group.  Everyone at Jerry Haas did a great job getting this car done.  Jim D Moore from JDM for helping us to be able to endure the hardship of getting the car done.  And everyone the fans and racers, folks for their support.  Everyone just hopes we get back out and thats what we are working towards.

Billy Gliddens Black 90 GT Mustang


FYI!  Looks like all that testing with the old car and at Route 66 paid off!  The weekend after the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl Billy went on to win two events in two nights at ADRL in Houston Raceway Park July 23-24.  It just goes to show you with a lot of hard work you can get back on your feet and come out ahead!


FRN would like to congradulate Billy and Shannon on all their hard work and a job well done.  You both deserve it!