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Driver and Crew Interviews

Interview with Scarry's Crew, Randy and Keith

March 14, 2010 by Chad Houghton

Last year at the 2009 NMRA opening in Bradenton Florida the 2008 Pro Outlaw 10.5 Champion Conrad Scarry and his crew came back to defend their championship.  The new big block combination, in their tried and true chassis, sparked interest and a little fear in the eyes of their competition.  But an unforeseen event would change the faces of the Scarry crew.   In qualifying they had an accident that totalled their car, and were left with a wreck of mostly useless parts.  The team was now faced with more than the repeat succcess they were expecting.   It took determination and dedication to rebuild the car in 10 short weeks pushing the limits of the team and friendship.  They only missed one race, returning with a  new chassis and new big block combo, but no data for the car or power plant.  They set out on a mission to regain so much of what they lost.  In the last race of the season the Scarry crew made a pass in the 6.60's,  that summed up their whole season... Finally! Success.

Randy The Scarry crew have come a long way since this event last year, what was it like when you brought the car back to the pits?

 (Keith)  Heart Breaking!

 (Randy) We destroyed a brand new car we had just updated, it was destroyed!  Had to start over from scratch.  We bought the new one Monday morning it was an unfinished chassis I happened to know where it was, bought it and started from there.

How many hours in a day did you put into building the new car?

(R) Between 15-19hrs a day for 10 weeks.

(K) Well I have a regular job, working 8-5 then at 5 I would come in and stay till midnight or so and then in the end I was staying till 1-2 O'clock in the morning.

(R) Everything was fabricated in house, Hank Hill came over and helped us get the car setup, the way he wanted the struts mounted, 4 link mounted, so that way it would be hooked up and gone.

(K) Well I took all the wiring out of the old car and put it in a box, then took it out of a box and put it all in the new race car, and had to get everthing right for the new car because things where just mounted different places and things, its hours and hours running wires.

(R) All the turbo tubing was destroyed, the turbos were knocked loose, they went back to percision and percision rebuilt the turbos. Proline racing engines went through the motor, and got all the gravel out, and we went through the transmission.

(K) We couldn't take a chance, so we changed the rear end and put in new axles.  Strange gave us a good deal on all the front parts and rear axles.  We wound up putting in a ring gear and pinion in it too.  It broke everything in the drive line, as well as bending the chassis.

You only missed one race, and had a whole new chassis and engine combination. How hard was it to get back to where you were with the previous chassis and motorKeith combination.

(R) We haven't got there yet.  We are still working on it, and hopefully we will get this car back as consistant as the old car, see if we can start winning some races again.

(K) We are still struggling with the new car, it's getting better, it 's starting to make a turn now.

 What are your indiviual jobs on the team?

(R) I take care of the motor all the driveline.

(K) I take care of the wiring, all the electronics, race pack,all the computer stuff, and tires! I'm the tire guy. Check them every pass and make sure they are wearing even and in overall good shape. I do all the sheetmetal, thats hard to do. I did all the sheetmetal in the car.

How many hours between races do you put into the car for maintenance?

(R) Probably 40-60hrs and I'm there all day.

(K) I get there about 6 Oclock, I come in on the afternoons, do what ever I have to do. Whether its sheetmetal fabrication or wiring.

How nerve racking is it getting all the bugs out of this new car, Trying to get back to where you were in your racing program?

(R) A lot of arguing a lot of fighting and sometimes grinning!  When its good its good!  Last year was bad all the way around.

(K) We really get a long pretty good at the shop, trying to get everything fixed and back on its feet again.

(R) Everyone watches OCC on TV, well keith, our dad and me, thats what you get.

Last year you guys started with a brand new car and engine combination.  What advice would you give someone who wanted to step up to big class like this with no experience with this type of car.

(R) Go see Steve Petty, Hank Hill, the upper people and you will get where you want to be.

(K) You try and do it by yourself, your just going to spend alot of money and break alot of parts. We know because we did that the first season we raced.  This is a different animal then anything else you fool with, you try to step into one of these things and don't know whats going on, you break parts and lots of them.  It gets expensive in a hurry.

I just wanted to point out how much the scarry crew help out other crews with their cars.  At night fall you put your car away and turn into a weld shop.  Your dedication to the sport and your support to the racers in the NMRA is the best I have ever seen.

(R) Anybody that enjoys racing I enjoy helping. Anybody that has the dedication to come out here and do this I don't mind helping. As long as they appreciate it. 

(K) We don't mind helping anyone as long as they thank us when where done.

Cold beer usually helps?

 (K) That always helps!

 (R) 12 packs and cases, help out a lot!

Anyone you would like to thank?

(R) Garrett Turbos, KooKs, DFN, Strange, Tony Barker Race engines, Pro Line race engines, Mickey Thompson, All the people that helped us get fast!

(K) All the people that helped us go from a wrecked car to a winning race car again!

Anything else you would like to add?

(R) Ya! We will beat Dan (millen) and Scotty, they ain't off the hook yet!=)

Conrad Scarry