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Driver and Crew Interviews

Chris Tuten Sucker Punches the SSO Competition with the First 200mph Pass!

March 21, 2011 by Chad Houghton

Chris Tuten 201MPH Pass


It was Friday night and the 1st qualifing round of the year was already underway when the call came over the PA for Super Street Outlaw to come the lanes.  Chris Tuten who has been absent since his win at NMRA's Milan event last year, was the first in the lanes and the first to go down the track.  I would have hated to be the guy to be in the burnout box when Chris made his pass.  I mean if I was in the car behind Chris Tuten a million things would be going through my mind.  This is going to be a great year!  My pass is going to be fast!  There is a great chance of being the first car to run 200mph.  As I look up to see Chris take off from the starting line, to my astonishment, the car continues to pick up and crosses the finish line like the DeLorean in back to the future with two fire lines where the tires just went down!  Tell me that wouldn't feel like someone just punched you in the gut!  FRN sat down with Chris and asked him how it felt to go that fast and his opinion on the class now that he just crushed everyone's else's hopes and dreams.

Chris Tuten's 201MPH Score Board

You just ran the first 201mph pass in SSO, can you tell us a little bit about that pass?

FAST!  Extremely, fast, and it felt like it in the car.  There was no mistaking that it was running that fast. 

You did pull the wheels, there was a little bit of spin out of the hole and then it really started to charge at the 1/8th mile.

We didn't know it until we looked at the video and it actually the wheels off the ground and started to spin the tires a little bit, set the front end down and then it hooked back up again, took off and it was gone. 

So pulling down the track did you know it was going to be that fast? 

We were hoping for it but we didn't know it.  We where hoping at some point this year we could run that fast.  With the good air today we knew it was our best shot.  So when we left the trailer, we had it loaded for everything it had.  That's why we were the first SSO car in the staging lanes, we had the car ready.  The first ones up there, first ones ready to go down the track.

So you knew driving down the track that you were "on one"?

Oh ya! That was our "leaning on it" tune up.  If it could do it, hopefully it does it now.  It felt like it in the car.  I was at the end of the track when I told Jerry "If that wasn't 200mph then I don't want to drive the car anymore," because it just felt too fast.   How quick it went from the 1000ft mark to the 1/4mile was crazy, there was no mistaking that it was "haulin the mail". 


You're the first car, on the first hit of the season, and you run 200mph.  How do you think that sets the pace for SSO? 

 Actually I think that's the way your suppose to race.  If you have the ability to go fast, get off your butt and do it.  Don't play games and get the rules all screwed up.  That's how rules get messed up, because people play games.  Go out there and run as fast as you can without blowing your motor up and work good at getting the car down the track.  That way everybody sees what they have got to work with.  Instead of sandbagging or playing games all year long, for however many years, running the same times.  Even though the rules makers, the committees are trying to slow you down, your getting faster every year.  That just proves that some people may have been sandbagging over the years and that's why the rules got the way they were.  So I can either take a needle and poke you in the arm all year long or I can take a knife and stab you in the gut at the first race and now you know what were working with.  I chose to stab you in the gut and see if you can heal.


Chris Tuten also put a new paint job on the car, because if your going to show up to a fist fight with a knife you might as well look good stabbing people!